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I’m not sure if it is the pregnancy, or my excitement for the holidays, or simply my ‘old age’, but I am absolutely obsessed with all things peppermint lately! There is just nothing quite as wonderful as the clean smell of peppermint, especially when it is accompanied by stockings hung over the fireplace and a twinkling Christmas tree. I have rounded up a few of my peppermint favorites, and I recommend that you indulge in every single one of them. Give me all the peppermint!

1. This lip balm is perfect for giving you that sweet taste of peppermint, and I could not love the ingredient list more. It is available at Target, so snatch it up! I absolutely love the ‘tingly’ feeling you get from mint lip balms, and the fresh breath doesn’t hurt either!

2. Once the holiday season starts, I basically have a candle burning whenever I am home. I just love a warm, cozy, delicious smelling house! Twisted Peppermint is one of my favorite Bath and Body Works scents, and you can bet I am whipping this baby out ASAP. I should also note that this scent comes in all of their lotions, body washes, had sanitizers, you name it. I actually have a tube of hand cream on my desk year round!

3. Philosophy products are absolutely fantastic, and I cannot get enough of their candy cane body wash. Once again, delicious smell, great lather, and leaves your skin feeling cool. I have read reviews that say this is actually a great product to use in the summer because it is so cooling. See, you CAN peppermint all year round 😉

4. While I love me some Starbucks and the red cup (because I just like red cups and don’t get my panties in a twist over whether a snowman is etched into it or not), their peppermint mocha is NOT the best. Sorry, I said it, and sorry, but it’s true. For those of us in the midwest, Caribou Coffee and their Ho Ho Mint Mocha is where it is at. We have as many, if not more, Caribou’s around town than we do Starbucks, so when the holidays roll around, I am all about Caribou and their drinks. If you ever are in the neighborhood of Caribou Coffee, I strongly urge you give their mochas a try, they are the absolute best!

5. These babies are back on the shelves, and are about to be in my belly. I always love the seasonal flavors that Oreo puts out, and umm cookie, peppermint, cream? Need I say more.

My obsession with peppermint is at an all time high, and I am #sorrynotsorry about it. The holidays are all about family, traditions, and a bit of indulgence, so join me in jumping on the holiday bandwagon and buying everything on the shelves with the word ‘peppermint’ on board!

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