What’s Up Wednesday!

Today I am linking up for What’s Up Wednesday! This is always such a fun way to share what has been going on in our lives lately 🙂

1. What we’re eating this week
Until I am done with grad school (6 weeks from today!) I am just not on top of cooking. However, we did have homemade chicken and wild rice soup on Sunday, my hubby whipped up his favorite steak alfredo pasta last night, and tonight sushi or chipotle to go and eat in class is on the menu. Tomorrow I think I am whipping up tomato soup and my all-time favorite grilled cheese recipe- you guys, you will never want to eat regular grilled cheese again!

2. What I’m reminiscing about
Today I walked over to the building next door to buy some soup for lunch, and walked past the area where Jackson had one of his kidney appointments last winter. I had a major flashback to my mom bringing him to meet me wearing an obnoxious oversize red hat and my favorite navy blue one piece from Baby Gap. I had to power walk my way out of there before I burst into tears.

The most delicious little cheekers I have ever laid my eyes upon. The chub is soo gone.

Now that he is over a year old, I get sentimental so easy when I think back to where he was at during this time last year, and how much has changed. Time is a thief and as much as I love my baby boy exactly how he is right now, I miss his chubby roles and that smile that was so cheeky it made my heart explode.

3. What I’m loving
Fall weather! I know our days of beautiful fall weather are limited, and our brutal Minnesota winter is not far away, so I am soaking up as much of the fresh, crisp air as possible!

4. What I’m dreading
 Nothing is really on my ‘dread’ list at the moment. I suppose every Tuesday night for the next six weeks until school is over 😉

5. What I’m working on
This week, I am working on a test that I have to submit for class (such an exciting life I lead). Other than that, dreaming up Christmas lists in my head, getting a jump start on some shopping, and dreaming up ideas for our new house!

6. What I’m excited about
Building our new house! We are still a solid 5 or so months off from even breaking ground, but we think we have our floor plan (minus a few minor modifications) nailed down and I am SO excited to see our dream begin to take shape.
Of course, I cannot forget to mention how excited I am for Halloween this weekend! My mother in law worked so hard on Jackson’s costume, and I put the finishing touches on it and I am literally obsessed. I can’t wait to show him off (and ‘share’ his candy with him!)

7. What I’m watching/reading
We have tried to start watching the O.C. again (for the 3rd time, not like hubby is obsessed or anything).
It is so funny though, long gone are Saturdays spent binge watching. We are lucky to squeeze out a single episode at night once Jackson has gone to bed. At this rate, we will wrap up the series some time around his high school graduation. 

8. What I’m listening to
I may or may have not listened to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ on the drive to work yesterday. No shame here. Limiting my Christmas music intake, but in my books it is game on after Halloween!

9. What I’m wearing
My favorite suede booties are on heavy repeat at work now that the temps have dropped.
And of course, wearing my blanket scarf like it is going out of style. So warm, and SO comfy. And available for a steal of a price (and eligible for Prime) on Amazon!
I am also in love with Old Navy and their sweaters right now. This one is oversize and so soft and comfy, I would wear it every day if I could!

10. What I’m doing this weekend
Dressing up little man and enjoying Halloween! We don’t have anything major planned and it will likely be a pretty low-key event, but I am super excited nonetheless. Oh, throw in some appliance shopping for future house planning, and it is shaping up to be one nice weekend! Seriously, sometimes I wonder how old I am to be excited about appliance shopping..

11. What I’m looking forward to next month
TWINKLY LIGHTS. CHRISTMAS MUSIC. HO HO MINT MOCHAS FROM CARIBOU. GIVE ME ALL OF THE HOLIDAY THINGS. We are officially entering the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr!

12. What else is new
Not much! Aside from taking down the side of Jackson’s crib, life has been pretty dull lately. But after all of the hustle and bustle of the past few months, slow and boring is feeling pretty nice lately 🙂

BONUS: Favorite Thanksgiving recipe
My mom makes THE absolute best mashed potatoes. No need for gravy on those babies. Loaded with butter, sour cream, and enough fat and cholesterol to last you a lifetime, we look forward to them all year, and fight over the leftovers. I am drooling just thinking about them!

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    October 28, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    Booties and scarves are on repeat in my wardrobe right now. Fall is such fun for fashion right?

    Stopping by from the linkup.

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    October 29, 2015 at 2:36 am

    I love the OC! I do think though once you get past like the second season it starts to drag on!

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