Weekend Highlights

Doesn’t it seem that Monday always arrives just entirely too quickly? We spend all week counting down to Friday, and then POOF it is Monday before we even know what happened. This weekend was low key, but we did get some exciting things accomplished, and enjoyed the fall weather.

Friday, I was able to get out of work around 1pm. These are the perks of working a job that allows me to flex more time into the week so I can leave earlier for my weekend 🙂

That hair, and that face. Must be how he was feeling about the weather.

I picked up my little guy, and we ran into town just to blow off some steam, really. It was rainy and gloomy, and while I am so grateful to my in-laws who are letting us live with them while we plan/build our house, the desire to ‘rush home’ just isn’t quite there when it isn’t your house 😉 So, we walked a lap around the mall, grabbed a drink from Caribou, and sniffed the candles at Bath and Body Works. #typicalwhitegirl We did swing into Target and get a guardrail for Jackson’s bed. Once we got home, we decided that being he is still so terrible with waking and night and wanting to come into our bed, we were going to take down the front rail of his crib and put up the guardrail. This way, we can lay next to him so he falls asleep, and work on teaching him to soothe himself to sleep in bed. I figure he wants our presence more than our room, so if we can get him used to falling back asleep in his own bed, it will at least be some progress. He did spend the whole night in his bed Friday (with me laying with him from 2:30-3:30am) but Saturday it wasn’t worth the battle, and you know last night with the promise of Monday and the workweek on the horizon little buddy woke at 2:30am and mommy just brought him right into bed. Hey, it is a work in progress, right?..

I have officially started bribing my child with the grocery store dum-dums.

Saturday, we woke up early and headed to meet with a builder! After looking over some of their plans, discussing prices, the building process, etc., we ended up deciding on the plan that we picked out earlier this summer, when we were looking ‘for fun’ and hadn’t even decided to buy a lot! Every single plan we have looked at since then has been compared to this one, and it hits every checkpoint on our list! Well, I would like it to have one more bedroom, but ya know, some day daddy might just have to give up the bonus room or the office if push comes to shove 😉 We left our meeting with a list of tasks to work through for the next few weeks, and to bring back so we can start getting official plans drafted and put into place. Exciting stuff, but I can tell the stress is only just beginning!
After our meeting, my sister, Jackson and I went into town for lunch at Olive Garden, where Jackson was a perfect monster who whined through the entire meal and was only satisfied if he was sitting on my lap and pulling my hair. Mom life, for real. We made a swing through the craft store, went back to Bath and Body works to buy our candles and take advantage of the awesome sale (only $9 a candle!) and a trip to the grocery store. My sweet sister got a nice strong dose of a typical Saturday afternoon with a toddler. I think she will be complaining less when we decline going out to dinner from now on!

No more normal carts for us, this sweet boy was in HEAVEN.

On Sunday, I woke up and dragged my booty to the gym for the first time in a few weeks (and I am feeling it today!) It felt so good to finally hit the treadmill again, though. The rest of the day was spent lounging around the house, and gluing rhinestones (yes, rhinestones) onto Jackson’s halloween costume. Before any of you all judge, his costume is seriously just the greatest.

The laziest of Sundays. Football and cartoons.

After enjoying some homemade chicken and wild rice soup, we put it on him last night and he paraded around the house and it was just hysterical. I am so so excited to dress him up and show him off next weekend. On that note, is anyone else in disbelief that it is less than a week until Halloween!? I am going to have to pull out Hocus Pocus on repeat this week, because I shamefully have yet to watch it. The struggle is real when Wallykazam and Bubble Guppies dominates your TV schedule. With that, happy Monday my friends!

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    October 26, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Visiting from the link up! House building is so exciting! It's not something that is in the super near future for me but I love pinning plans on Pinterest and thinking about what features are "must haves" and which are "would be nice to haves".

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    October 26, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    That's so awesome you are able to leave at 1 on Fridays! What a great perk!

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