Weekending [Lazy Days and Costuming]

How was everyone’s weekend? Doesn’t it just always seem that they fly by faster and faster. If only the work weeks felt the same! This weekend was super low-key, which really was the first of the sort for our family in a solid month or two, and was more than welcome. While I don’t mind being busy, there is something about the entire weekend laying ahead of you, wide open.

Friday I worked the morning, but due to my mom and sister having dental appointments, I had to take off early (darn) to pick up my little guy. I debated going back into the office, but decided that umm, returning at 2pm on a Friday to work two more hours? NO THANKS. So instead I met up with my two favorite ladies after their appointment for some lunch and Noodles and Company. Jackson literally demolishes the mac and cheese there, and it is always hilarious to watch. After lunch, we went home, caught up with Mike’s parents (who are our roomies for the foreseeable coming months) who were gone all week on a trip, and enjoyed some homemade chili. Mike and I capped off the night with an episode of the OC and called it a night.

Saturday we were up bright and early, and I had every plan of driving into town for doughnuts, because I literally spent the night dreaming about them. My sweet hubby texted me from the gym saying he would bring some home, and I enjoyed a glorious cake doughnut and orange juice for breakfast. After that, I showered, blow dried, and curled my hair for the first time in what felt like months, and ran into town on errands with my little guy. I met up with my mother in law at the fabric store, and we bought everything we need for Jackson’s halloween costume. You guys. I am so excited for his costume. I thought I was excited last year, but nope, this year takes the cake. Let’s just say we are playing up Jackson’s signature curly locks and his perfect hair flip for what we think will be an epic costume. Saturday afternoon, we went on a walk and enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather, and after Mike helped finishing a friend move, he and I went out for dinner just the two of us.

Super low key with fried pickles and bar food, it was exactly what I needed, as most meals are spent regulating chicken nugget intake and retrieving thrown sippy cups off of the floor 🙂

Sunday was L.A.Z.Y. We woke up early (such is life with a toddler), had breakfast, and went on a morning walk. Jackson is having a blast running around outside now that he is finally big enough to play and do kid things, like trying to eat rocks and leaves. Me and the little dude may have crashed for a 3 hour nap..and woke up for a super late lunch at 2. Our Vikings won (yay!), and the rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out on the couch, playing with Lego Duplos, and relocating the garbage cans that Jackson has found he likes to throw things like remote controls and shoes into.
I did throw some brunswick stew in the crockpot, and also whipped up a loaf of homemade bread for dinner. The stew has a surprising flavor, and isn’t quite what you would expect it to taste looking at it, but it was good, and loaded with veggies, which is a plus!

After dinner, my mother in law and I sat down and starting going to work on getting Jackson’s costume fabric cut. I am already giddy just thinking about the end product. Doing a costume like this from scratch and a pattern is a new venture for both of us, so fingers crossed it turns out!

Mike and I capped off the evening with the Walking Dead, and OMG. Not exactly a warm fuzzy episode, if there has ever even been one on that show in the first place. Always just a good ending to the weekend though. We always dread Monday, but it is less painful when you spend the weekend looking forward to your favorite show. 🙂 Hope everyone else had a great weekend and your work week flies by!

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