[Blogtember Challenge] What’s in my purse

So. What’s in my purse? A lot of stuff, apparently. Isn’t that the beauty/curse of the ‘big purse’. Anything and everything gets tossed in, and eventually every few months I do an overhaul of the contents and tidy things up. The mess has only grown since adding a little to the mix. Occasionally, I am running errands and know it will only be for a short time, and throwing diapers, wipes, and a sippy in my purse is way more convenient than hauling around a purse and a diaper bag. I am getting personal here, you guys, opening up the heart and soul of my bag that goes everywhere with me. You have been warned that anything and everything could possible be found in the bottomless pit!

1. Day Planner
Despite having an Iphone, I have a hard time using it to remind me of appointments, things I need to do, etc. I bought a day planner and have been trying my best to use it for the little details, even simple things like ‘draft e-mail to so and so’ at work. I then get the joy of crossing things off of a list too, which I love!
2. Diapers
No brainer here. If we are out and about for the day, I always have a diaper bag packed and ready to go. But for quick runs to Target or the grocery store, I often get lazy and throw a few diapers and a pack of wipes in my purse and call it good. Fortunately, my little guy isn’t super demanding in needing toys, blankies, etc., so we can get by with the bare basics. I am sure in six months there will be toy cars and other goodies buried in my bag..
3. Wallet
Money. Credit cards. You know, the fun stuff.
4. Dentist Pack
Yep, went to the dentist a month ago, got my free toothbrush and toothpaste, and have yet to bring it in the house. I guess I find comfort in knowing that in the case of an emergency, the toothbrush is ready to go!
5. Tampons
You know, more fun stuff. The basic rule is to have at least five of these with me, at all times. Because you just. never. know.
6. Lotion
You guys. This stuff is to die for. Black cherry merlot from bath and body works. Literally the juiciest smelling lotion you have ever laid your sense of smell upon. I get comments every time I whip it out.
7. Statement necklace
Obviously what happened here is I took this off at the end of the day and, like the toothbrush pack, never managed to remove it from the bag. At least I always have fun jewelry on hand if I need to spruce up for a big meeting!
8. Coin purse
For all my fun change. Another rule of thumb is to always have quarters! Because the parking meters downtown won’t take anything else… 🙁
9. Bumble and Bumble hair cream
Great for when you don’t have time to blowdry your hair. My sister gave me this sample from the salon she works at…anddd I never brought it in the house. Seeing a trend here?
10. Gum
Always gum. Always peppermint. Just always.
11. Contact case
I have bad eyes, and sometimes they call it quits and demand the contacts come out and glasses come on. I have just made it a habit of keeping a spare case in my purse, and I try my best to keep my old pair of glasses in my car. #visionchallengedproblems
12. Keys
Kind of need these to get where I need to go. And can I get an amen for the automatic lift gate button on the key to my car?
**Not pictured: about 10 tubes of lipgloss. I forgot to dump out the side pocket of my purse for the photo above, but you better believe I have more lipgloss than I could possible need in my purse. Because on any given day, I am most likely feeling a different color and flavor than the day before.

What did you all find in your bags!? Any long lost goodies you swore you would never find again?

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    Victoria Strader
    September 15, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    I love Bumble and Bumble products! I usually get sample sizes with my Sephora points.. and man, there's a reason they're $$$! They're amazing! Haha!

  • Reply
    Leslie Wilkie (PeachyKeen32)
    September 15, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    That necklace is to die for! I'm in love with it!!
    And I have no less than 5 lip products in my bag at any time, too!

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