[Blogtember Challenge] 5 most impactful books

First off, bad blogger raise your hand or totally falling off the challenge wagon this weekend. Yep, that’s me. We have one too many BIG things going on this weekend, and sitting down to blog just did not happen. Saturday was my sister in laws baby shower I helped to host, and I was literally there setting up and tearing down all day. And Sunday, I may have been packing a few boxes and taking a nap. Like I said, lots of stuff happening around here that I am still needing to share. Life is plenty hectic right now is all I can say! I am back for my five most impactful books today!

1. The bible. I really wouldn’t have much purpose for living without this one. I am not devoted in cracking it open on the regular, though I wish I was. But the book is what my life basically revolves around.
2. the jungle. I read this my senior year of high school and ended up becoming a vegetarian. Think 1920s slaughter house before any FDA or OSHA existed. Seriously such a heart wrenching, hard book to read. I am back on the meat eating wagon, but am definitely much more conscious and aware of what goes into preparing my foods.

3. The princess diaries. Around age 15, I read this series on repeat. I loved I. I still love it. Girl power and warm fuzzies for the win.
4. One Tuesday Morning. By Karen Kingsbury. Two identical strangers both at the twin towers and, you guessed it, one lives, the other dies, and somehow they get swapped. How the living stranger impacts the wife of the other though is brilliant. I adored this book (and the rest of of the series!!)
5. I love you through and through. Yes this is a baby book. And my sons one and only favorite. We ready it multiple times a night, he helps me turn the pages, and flips it over prompting me to start all over every time we finish, until he decides he is ready to sleep and he pushes it away and turns into my chest for cuddles. I have never loved reading a book more than this one.

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    October 1, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    I've been wanting to read The Jungle for years! I haven't gotten around to it quite yet. I LOVE One Tuesday Morning!

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