[Blogtember Challenge] Favorites for a Friday Night In

I have been excited for this post, because nights in are kind of my thing. Not that this is always necessarily a choice. Little people tend to dictate what time you can go out, how late you can stay out, and ever more importantly, how late you can sleep in in the morning. Our new normal for Friday nights is relaxed and low-key, just the way we like it.

1. Pizza. Pizza is a must. I am embarrassed to admit how much pizza gets eaten in our household, but we just love it. SO. MUCH. It is a pretty safe bet that on a Friday night, one of us is running to town (because of course no one delivers to where we live) for a pizza from one of our favorite spots. Gary’s and Little Caesars usually win out, but Dimaggios, Mastonis, and Pizza Hut all make it into the rotation, too.
2. Bath time. Not for us, obviously! This is a PG rated blog 😉 Our little guy loves bath time, and there is something so nice about getting him squeaky clean and fresh as we settle down for a weekend off. And of course, after bath time comes the baby jammies, which I can never get enough of. Not ever.
3. Shark Tank. New episodes come back into rotation this month, and I am pumped. Especially after Jackson was first born last fall, we would cozy up pretty much every Friday night to watch the Sharks do their damage on innocent entrepeneurs.
On the occasional night where Mike goes out to do something but I stay in, I use Fridays for all of my guilty pleasures; Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings..basically wedding shows. Mike judges that I watch these because I am already, well, you know…married. But check out my bucket list from earlier this week and you will see that my obsession with wedding shows is simply preparing me for my future career!
4. Brownies. Homemade brownies. I have shared this recipe before, and I challenge anyone to find a better recipe. They turn out so perfect every time that I make them, and are just delicious. Is there anything better than a day ended with pizza and brownies a la mode? 
5. Candles. I love me some candles. Especially now that we are getting back into fall weather, there is nothing cozier than a dark house with a Bath and Body Works candle flickering. Don’t even get me started on their Christmas candles, the anticipation is already killing me! 
6. No work. This is a big one. As I finish up my last semester of grad school, it is safe to say that most weekends involve at least some kind of reading/paper writing/studying. It is exhausting. But Friday nights, those are my night off. I do not crack a book, I do not run around folding laundry and organizing. I relax. I am lazy. I don’t. do. anything. Friday’s are for fun, and for this mommy fun means throwing responsibility out the window for five hours.

What do you all do on a Friday night in!? I am always looking for ideas to spice up our obviously spicy life! 🙂

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    Annie Demczak
    September 11, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    No work… YES PLEASE. This sounds like such a great Friday night! (:

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    September 12, 2015 at 4:38 am

    PIZZA. Yes. Best Friday night dinner there ever was.

    What are you getting your grad degree in?

    All through school, and up through undergrad, I had a rule that I wouldn't do homework on Fridays. It was my way of giving myself at least one evening a week to kick back and relax.

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    Veronica Lee Burns
    September 14, 2015 at 1:35 am

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post! Yes, God does so evidently work in our lives. I'm so thankful for that!

    1. Yes for pizza!
    2. Bath time for me is on my list! haha
    3. YES to Shark Tank, and if it's just me then of course Say Yes to the Dress!
    4. I must know your brownie recipe! Please share!

    (ps: you're set up as a nor-reply blogger so I couldn't just respond to your comment via email, it's an easy fix though! Just google it and I'm sure you'll find someone has blogged about it)

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