Day 4: Passions

Mixing things up for Friday Favorites in honor of the ‘Blogtember Challenge’, I am bringing you the five things I am most passionate about today!

Really, I am passionate about a lot of things. Once I set my mind to a specific task, more often than not it is all I can focus on until it is completed. Of course, I am passionate about my family, my faith, the line of work I am in, and all of those ‘givens’. I am more excited today, though, to share those passions that most people may not know about me.

1. I love creative projects. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself ‘crafty’ where I make quilts, paper mâché, or wood work projects. I do, however, love to create things that I know no one else has. When you custom create decor, coffee mugs, or a hat for your little one, there is a neat feeling in knowing only you have it. 
2. Coffee. You all know I couldn’t leave this one off of the list! Coffee makes me happy, tastes delicious, and I truly believe gives you a good reason to wake up in the morning when you just don’t really want to! Hot, iced, black, with cream, latte, mocha, I love it all.
3. Music. This one has gotten away from me a bit over the last few years because life happens. But there is nothing more therapeutic to me than sitting down at the piano and putting out a few of my favorite songs. There is something about having total control of how a song is going to go. Soft, loud, fast, slow? I just love it.
4. Running is what keeps me sane. I am not a daily runner, but I do try to make it happen 2-3 times a week. I used to do it much more before baby, but as I have said, life happens. A treadmill is high on the list for a new house whenever that time comes, and I intend to use that thing until it breaks down.
5. Making a difference. Really, this does tie into my job. There are so many jobs out there, but I just can’t picture myself ever doing a job where my sole purpose is to make a profit off of others. Bummer, because that seems to be where the most money lies 😉 still, at the end of the day if I know what I am doing is improving things for others somehow, then I can go to bed happy.

What about everyone else?  What are YOU passionate about??

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    September 4, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    I love to run, but haven't since the girls got out of school in June…I plan on getting back to it once they start school back up next week! I usually run more during the winter months anyway, the whole running in hot, steamy weather just doesn't appeal to me…I'm stopping by from Oh, Hey Friday, hope you have a great day!

  • Reply
    Mackensey Stang
    September 4, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Too funny, summer is my time to run because 20 below zero runs in the winter don't appeal at all! Hope you enjoy this last week of summer with your girls!

  • Reply
    Victoria Strader
    September 4, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    I've always been so intimidated by running.. because I don't have a history with it.. but when people talk about their extremely positive relationship with it I'm always so tempted to give it a shot!

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    Hot Tea and the Empty Seat
    September 4, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    Ah, I used to run all of the time before I got married then I got so busy and now im pregnant so I really don't want to run, haha. But I can't wait to get back at it! Also, I love creative projects and coffee! xoxo

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    Owen Ross Davis
    September 4, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Totally agree with coffee and music!! I'm passionate about medicine and making people feel better. When I graduate and start working (3 months!!) I hope to make a difference in lots of people's lives by caring for them as a person and not just as a patient. Love this post!

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