What’s Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! There is nothing better than knowing you have survived the first half of the work week, and are officially on the downward swing to another weekend. This Wednesday I was greeted with breezy, zero humidity 65 degree weather, and I couldn’t help but walk out to take a deep breath and enjoy the fall-like weather after a few weeks of not so nice, hot and sticky weather. Today I am linking up for ‘What’s Up Wednesday‘!

1. What we’re eating this week

For some reason, whenever I am on a ‘break’ from school, I somehow become less organized. Maybe I am just maximizing free time, or catching up on the 1000 hours of sleep I am behind, but unfortunately meals fall by the wayside. I did manage to prep this crockpot meal and make it Monday, and leftovers have been used for lunches and to serve to baby throughout the week. The beauty of meals like this is I LOAD them up with vegetables, it seems to be the only way to get my little guy to eat them! Check out the recipe here.

 Slow cooker chicken burrito bowls

2. What I’m reminiscing about

I have been doing a lot of thinking to last fall when I was on maternity leave. My baby is a few days shy of turning one, and I am going through the typical ‘how does the time go so fast where did my baby go why can’t I slow things down’ phase. I mean, my squishy little boy is turning into a little toddler, and it just about breaks my heart in two to realize I’ll never get to squish a ‘baby’ Jackson again.

3. What I’m loving

I am loving the weather today! I live in Minnesota, and there is a reason for it. I do not like the heat. Honestly, anything above 80 degrees usually has me feeling cranky (unless I am at the lake, then I don’t mind so much). Just to wake up with a reprieve from the humidity today was incredible, and starting next week we are looking at some highs in the upper 70’s, cooling off into the 50’s at night. My favorite kind of weather is just around the corner!

4. What we’ve been up to

Prepping and planning for little man’s birthday, preparing for my sister in law’s baby shower, chatting with my brother in law about his wedding next year..lots of exciting, life changing events are happening! I have also been on a ridiculous hunt for halloween/christmas pajamas for little man already. I have a problem.

5. What I’m dreading

Going back to school in four weeks. I say this with mixed feelings. I am dreading going back and giving up two nights a week again, but I am also eager to go back and just get it done. I have eights weeks of the twice a week thing, and then I cut down to once a week for the final eight weeks of the semester. I can do this, and to a certain extent I can’t wait for my break to end; come Christmas, I will officially be school free and able to enjoy life without a degree hanging over my head!

6. What I’m working on

Piecing together everything I need for Jackson’s birthday party this weekend. I am also working on a crochet project for my new nephew that I am so excited to share when it is finished! And, the holiday planner in me has a Christmas gift that I am already plotting and have supplies purchased for. Give me all the spices, holiday movies, and warm fuzzies!

7. What I’m excited about

I am sounding like a broken record here, but I am so excited for little man’s first birthday party on Sunday! I am counting the seconds to when I get to watch him dive into his cake 🙂

8. What I’m watching/reading

I just downloaded my first official book onto my Kindle!..and of course it is ‘Grey’. Hey, what can I say. It is easy reading, I know the characters, and I need something I can get through before I head back to school.
I also have the itch to start watching ‘The Office’ again. We have watched the entire series beginning to end three times, and whenever it isn’t on rotation in my life, I feel a little sad. It is seriously the best show ever, I love it!

9. What I’m listening to

Nothing new, lately. I did throw it back to some old school Taylor Swift this week, and have yet to find a song of her’s that doesn’t get stuck in my head!

10. What I’m wearing

Work clothes and lounge clothes, and not much in between. A few items I have been living in are these shorts that I picked up for a steal at Target this summer. They are probably my favorite jean shorts I have ever owned. And these are from Old Navy. Go buy them in every color. They are so comfortable, cheap, and soft. They have been on heavy rotation, especially through all of the summer heat lately. 

11. What I’m doing this weekend

Have I mentioned I have my baby’s first birthday party this weekend?????? Cooking, baking, cleaning, and decorating for that basically eat up the entire agenda this weekend.

12. What I’m looking forward to next month

Cooler temps, the return of pumpkin spice lattes, Sunday afternoon football with chili and homemade bread, and saying adios to hot and humid weather!

13. What else is new

Life has been pretty basic lately. We are just rolling with the punches, working, still trying to sell our house, and raising a little monster man in the process. Hopefully one of these days I will have more concrete and exciting updates regarding where we are at with the home buying/selling process!
That is it for me lately. What has been up with everyone else lately!?

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