Our Weekend!

Once again, I sat down to wrap up the weekend and realized I am a failure at taking pictures. I swear I used to take an obscene amount of pictures, but I suppose trying to keep up with an almost one year old will do that!

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Friday was started off quite nice. As I was getting ready for work, I heard a CRASH, thump, thump, thump. Yep. Baby stood up, pushed over his gate, and rolled down the stairs. I was convinced he was going to be so hurt, but we escaped with nothing besides a little rug burn on his nose. Does anyone know how to keep a baby gate in place without drilling holes into the wall!? He seriously LOVES standing up against it, and no matter how I try I can’t keep him away!
Aside from that, we survived the work day and went out on a family dinner Friday night to Boulder Tap House. Great food, but we did agree we might be entering the phase of not bringing our little guy out to dinner. Loud, messy, and squirmy makes for a distracted and rushed dinner for mom and dad!

Saturday Mike had to to do some work at my in laws place, so Jax and I did our usual weekend morning run, and went into town to make some returns and run a few errands. I actually made it away with making returns and NOT buying more, which had me impressed with myself 😉

The afternoon was set aside for going to Mike’s cousin’s grad party. It was fun to see all of the extended family. Everyone has little kids, so it is just crazy to see how much they have all grown and let our little guy interact!

Sunday, we snuck out on another morning run before the humidity got to be too much. Seriously, how do you people down south do it!? We usually get 3-4 weeks in July and Aigust every year with 80-90 degree temps, and I hate it. Give me 60 degrees, boots, a sweater, and a pumpkin spice latte all day, every day. To beat the heat, we spent the afternoon at the in laws and just lazed around, played with the kiddos, and even snuck in a nap. My sister in law showed up and we also did some planning for a baby shower, which I am already excited for, it’s going to be so cute!!

I also realized I had $40 in Gap rewards so I scooped up a few goodies, with the star being these jammies. 

And my actual bill was $1. Win!

Sunday night we had a longgg battle to get the little guy to bed, so we were in bed right away after that. Babies are exhausting!!

This week will be busy, because next weekend is someone’s first birthday party!! I really need to get on top of things and make sure it all is in order! How was everyone else’s weekend?

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