Our weekend: hot hot hot

Is there any better weekend than when Monday rolls around and it is still your weekend?? I think not! I am super excited to head down to the Mall of America with my mom and sister today for some shopping and girl time. I purposely picked today as our outing to reward myself for surviving school..only one semester to go! Our weekend was pretty simple but time off is always good time in my book.

Friday I had gotten extra hours in and snuck out of work in the early afternoon. I went to pick up my little man, and I was faced with the decision whether to go home (which is nearly half an hour out of town) to let him take a nap or kill time in town and hope he would nap in his stroller before meeting my sister in law and nephew for dinner. and I am pretty sure I chose the wrong option. We went in Barnes and Noble to check out some baby books and split a vanilla bean frappe, and then went to some other stores but the kid just refused to sleep. 

This all resulted in a grouchy little boy at dinner. And my chicken sandwich arrived raw. Legitimately undercooked, still translucent and pink, raw. Needless to say that got sent back and I ended up picking off of Jax’s breakfast plate because I didn’t want to wait for a new meal. Sigh. At least we got 20% off our order! 

After dinner, we came home and played, watched cartoons, and after over two hours finally went to bed. Some days having a baby boy is exhausting!
Saturday we woke up and cleaned our house, and I was able to sneak out for a run before it got too hot and humid. Then, my sister and I had a sister date with lunch and some window shopping. I just love spending time with her, I am so lucky to have a sister. 

The remainder of Saturday was spent cleaning and enjoying a grilled dinner. 
Sunday we cleaned some more, and booked out to my in laws so we could have another (unsuccessful) open house. I absolutely despite the home selling process, by the way. It was sooo humid and muggy, with storms forecasted for Sunday night, so it was really just a kind of gross day weather wise.
Sunday evening was low key, spent whipping up some fettuccine alfredo and spending way too much time wrestling our little guy to bed, per the usual.
How was everyone else’s weekend?! Hopefully more pleasant weather!
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