Eleven Months.

He will be one next month. Don’t wanna talk about it. Maybe if I close my eyes and plug my ears he will stop growing? Probably not. I have had multiple strangers come up and comment on how cute he is..and then they guess his age and the magic number is two. Two. My precious little not even one year old looks like a two year old to the stranger’s eye. Please don’t judge my ‘two year old’ for being unable to walk. Or talk. He is right on track, no really.

This month has been our typical busy, busy, busy, and between work, school, and baby, we are all ready to enjoy a legitimate ‘summer break’ watching our little man grow and explore.

Age: 11 months
Height: 32 inches. 100th percentile.
Weight: 25 pounds. 95th percentile.
Milestones: Holding our hands and walking across the room, and now independently walking without us and with his push and ride puppy, which is a whole new opportunity for him to topple over sideways. He has also started standing independently when he thinks he is cool and decides to let go of whatever he was holding onto.
Another milestone: drinking from a straw! Which makes getting him to drink water on hot days MUCH easier!
Sleep: He is still a monster at night. We had about a week reprieve after his last two teeth popped through where he slept though the night. And now he is being a naughty turkey again. Our biggest problem is whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night he literally demands to nurse. Which I have repeatedly tried to get us away from. Not sure if he is cutting another tooth or what, but everyone in our house is desperate for a full nights sleep.
Best Moment: watching him walk alone (with the help of his puppy..) across the room! Fun to see him make progress towards walking!

Worst Moment: he tried to stand in the bathtub and wiped out, biting his lip and bleeding. That was fun! And did I mention how awesome he has been sleeping???

Health: good! His next physical is in August but he has been healthy and on track for everything!

Eating: A few weeks ago he started outright refusing what little baby food he was still eating for breakfast. He is 100% table foods, and loves breakfast foods like pancakes and waffles. He also LOVES pastas and soups, or any of our meals that have a lot of flavor.

Teeth: 6. I have no idea how frequently teeth pop through once they have them so I’m going to have to research when to expect teeth and how often we will be  dealing with teething symptoms. I hope he learns to better deal with teething and not keep us up at night every time he is cutting a tooth. 

And there we have it. Eleven months. Literally a few weeks away from a toddler. I’m excited and sad and a little scared, he is only getting busier every day. We love our fun, silly, precious boy!

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