First Birthday Wishlist

I cannot believe I am at this point, but we are preparing for our little man’s first birthday! At only a month and a half away, I am already brainstorming for his first party, one year photos, and, more importantly, what we will spoil him with! There are so many things that I feel cross my mind, but then I forget about in the grand scheme of things. Some of these items are typical, some of them were found through research, and some of them just look like too much fun to pass up!

1.Co-Z coup
I feel like every child just needs one of these. It is a great toy to have outside, let baby entertain themself in, and truly a ‘right of passage’. And, this baby will be able to be used by any and all children we may have.

2. Water table
I have a little water baby on my hands, and as much as I love letting him sit in his pool, he also loves to stand and be active, so I think being we will still have a decent amount of summer left after his birthday, this toy will be perfect and provide plenty of entertainment for our little(big) guy.
3. Jumbo legos
He is a boy. I have accepted this, along with the fact that this means he likes boy things. And I really am okay with that. He loves to play, build, and explore, and I wouldn’t be a true boy mom if I didn’t get some legos in my house.

4. Melissa and Doug Puzzles

Again, cognitive development. Melissa and Doug products are fantastic, and now that Jax is more up to the level of developmental toys, I can’t wait to introduce them more.
5. Play table
He loves, loves, LOVES to stand and get into everything, so I think it might be a great move to get him his OWN space to stand and play at.
6. Play Piano
This kid LOVES to bang on any piano or keyboard he can get his hands on. It might be great to give him his own little instrument to start experimenting with. After all, he needs to start practicing up for those piano lessons I will inevitably be enrolling him in!
7. Personalized Chair
Ok, how perfect would this be in his nursery!? As he grows, I know he will like to have his own place to sit, whether it be to watch cartoons, calm down before bed, or just feel like a big boy (much to my **dismay). This chair is just perfect. 
Does anyone have any other must haves for the one year olds in your lives, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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