Weekend Happenings

Well, weekends are always a bit more interesting when you have to work in the middle of them. This is not a regular occurrence for me, but the occasional Saturday afternoon event does manage to slip into my schedule every few months. Not that I can complain. I work in a cushy office, with great people, promoting wellness and community engagement, and if that means spending a Saturday with a bunch of sweet kiddos, who am I to say no?

To compensate for my Saturday event, I was able to enjoy a Friday off. This more than makes up for giving up a Saturday. While working a Monday to Friday job is great, there is just something magical about hitting up the stores right as they open at 10am and browsing in solitude. Or maybe I am just a little bit strange 😉 So, Friday morning, my little man was up and at em bright and early, so we went for a run, had breakfast, got ready, and were in the Gap Outlet parking lot waiting for the doors to open with Starbucks in hand.

Wake up, MAMA!

I am so, so, SO sad that they took away our regular Gap (and just as I was figuring out how awesome that store truly is), but the outlet is pretty awesome. Usually I make out like a bandit with goods for my little guy, but on this particular trip, I scooped up a couple of loose, flowy long sleeve tops, and an adorable white jean jacket. And EVERYTHING was an additional 40% off! I had been on the hunt for a white jean jacket, so to scoop one up that fit perfectly for all of $25 was an epic win.
After the outlet, we headed over to the mall, if only for the purpose of walking a lap. I love to window shop, even though I almost always end up coming home and making my purchases online. Little man loves to people watch, too. He just drinks his milk and rides in style.

After our morning out, we went to my parents and sat out with my sister in the kiddie pool. We both agreed that having a baby is the best, because you can sit in a pool ten times too small and justify it because the baby is having fun. I cannot wait to do things that are only acceptable for a child and blame them on Jackson 😉

Clearly loving his new pool toys


Friday night we just hung out at home, at pizza, and relaxed.

CRASHED after all of his fun in the sun

Saturday, I worked the morning into the early afternoon. I will say, this event turned out GREAT, and I left in a fantastic mood, truly happy with the turnout and amount of children we were able to reach. Some days I am just so proud of my job and love seeing the impact we are able to make. After work, I bolted home and got ready, and we dropped Jax off with my in-laws and headed out to Anton’s for dinner, after a few weeks of me nagging. And I leave that place so happy and satisfied every. single. time. It is one of the only true ‘supper clubs’ left in town, and was a speakeasy back during Prohibition. The booths are covered in canvas like old wagons, and the food is just incredible. I would post pictures of my food..but I may have cleared my plate. I worked through lunch and hadn’t had a real meal all day, ok?

My mother in law picked these from her garden. Aren’t they gorgeous!? I love love love peonies.

Sunday, I had every intention of getting to church, but my little guy was fussing and ready for a nap right when we needed to be getting ready. And, as I laid him down in his crib, he woke right back up. So, too late to make it to church, we obviously loaded up and ran to Target for groceries. I scored an adorable puppy stuffed animal for Jackson, after coming to the realization that he literally has NO stuffed animals to cuddle with. And I came home and he crashed for a nap in his crib with his arms wrapped around that puppy for over two hours. Best investment ever?

We spent the afternoon at Mike’s parents, letting Jackson swim a bit, hanging out on the deck, and just enjoying the summer weather. 

There may or may not be a bunch of baby raccoons living in my in-laws yard. Adorable, and terrifying at the same time!

We wrapped it up with grilling some burgers, and called it an afternooon when we made our way home to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. OMG you guys, OMG. I am reflecting on what happened in that episode and my heart is just broken. And they are going to make me wait way too long until the next season comes out. They are officially ahead of the books, now, so I am DYING to know what they writers come up with!

After a busy, happy weekend, it is back to the grind today. I hope you all have a great week!

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