Friday Favorites!

Another busy work week, another week gone. This week has been absolutely crazy for me, multiple events and meetings out of town, some late nights, and unfortunately a half day tomorrow for an event. I have quadruple checked my calendar, and I am pretty sure this is my final Saturday event of the year, so fingers crossed on that one. As always, I am digging lots of things lately, and can’t wait to share.

1. Fridays off
I don’t have to work today! This is, of course, to compensate for the late days during the week and having to work Saturday (this is one of the pros of being hourly versus salary..of course there are plenty of cons to that one too!) As much as I hate working a Saturday, there is something so nice about having a day off during the week to get some errands done and enjoy life free of the weekend crowds. To top it off, the weather today is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to take advantage.

2. Baby talk

Little man can’t officially say any real words yet, but I just love listening to him talk. ‘Ga ga ga ga ge ge gshhhh ga ga’ is his favorite conversation and he babbles all day. We are saying mama and dada to him on repeat in hopes he will mimic our requests, but so far no luck. Yesterday, however, I said yayyy so he would clap his hands (a new favorite game of his) and before clapping he proudly said ‘yayyyy!’ melt this mama’s heart. I don’t know if ‘yay’ qualifies as a real word, but he consciously said something that is more than just jibberish, so I am calling it a win.

3. Gap sales
If you don’t subscribe to Gap’s emails, you are missing out. If you want to save money, you are probably smart. They run so many good sales, I have a moment at least once a week where I feel like I would be insane not to make a purchase. I was able to scoop up these and these, which were already on sale, for an additional 40% off. And Gap carries TALL sizes, which speaks to my soul. You all, those gray jeans came to a grand total of $17. Their sales are too good to pass up.

4. Bath and Body Semi Annual Sale

Speaking of sales..candles. Give me all the candles. I absolutely love Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles, and when sales like this come up, I have to stock up. Thanks to the last semi-annual sale, I have a collection of Christmas scents stored away and ready to go when ?Halloween? rolls around. Ok, maybe I will hold off until Thanksgiving. But seriously, at the sale this week I was able to get this one, this one, and this one, and they all smell delicious. I have gotten into a habit of burning candles whenever I can, so I know they will get used. There are just so, so many yummy smells, I can’t resist! Right now, the candles are 50% off (which beats their value at the 2 for 24 promotions), plus there are coupons floating around for an additional $10 off your purchase, which brings the price per candle down well below $10.

5. Maternity clothing
No, not pregnant. However, after my last pregnancy where I procrastinated on buying clothing, which resulted in me never owning a pair of maternity jeans, I am already doing searching for affordable and sale pieces. Maybe this makes me crazy, but I don’t care. I got so frustrated with my search for jeans last time (tall girl problems, remember?) I survived wearing maxi dresses and skirts to work every. single. day. last summer. Which was incredibly comfortable and awesome, to be honest. But not all pregnancies fall perfectly where right as I am outgrowing my pants the weather changes over and shirt dresses and skirts become acceptable as daily wear. My next pregnancy will most likely mandate a pair of jeans and dress pants, so I if I stumble across those unicorn finds of maternity, size, and length, I may already be snatching them up. And being my cart already had a few cute items in it, I threw in this top. I would wear that thing not pregnant, so it is acceptable that I just did this, I swear.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend with lots of beautiful weather and sunshine! Today, my little man and I are going to sneak in some pool time, a run, and probably a trip to the craft store for supplies to start a Christmas project. I just can’t control myself.

Liking up with all of these fabulous ladies today!

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    Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre
    June 12, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    I had no idea their sale was going on!! I need to stock up on my hand wash and candles!!! Thanks so much for linking up!! Hope you have a great weekend!

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    Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately
    June 12, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    Stop it with the sales! Baby Gap gets me all the time with their sales! 😉 I'm the same way with maternity clothes {currently that's all I wear, as I'm 8 months pregnant!} but I tell all my friends that maternity clothes are expensive and if you find a cute top on clearance BUY IT! 🙂

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    Kylie McGraw
    June 14, 2015 at 1:45 am

    I just went to a Gap Outlet today. My heart, be still. SO MANY SALES!

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