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I know, I know. I am a little late to the game here. Little man is far from a ‘newborn’, and we are much closer to his first birthday than the day he was born and started putting this nursery to use. Honestly, sharing it just slipped my mind. I have snapped pictures of it from time to time, but it just never occurred to me to share it on here. A picture I shared on his 10 month blog post got some attention, and it was then that I realized I hadn’t shared his sweet little room. So, without further ado, Jax’s ‘nautical nursery’.

As those who know me are aware, little man arrived four weeks early. Despite my constant nagging of everyone involved, his room was not ready when we brought him home. If it were up to me, everything would have been set up and perfect a solid two months before my due date. Everyone pushed things off, and we finally even purchased his dresser two whole weeks before he arrived. Putting that baby together occurred a whopping 7 days before his arrival.

Oh, and did I mention he was born the day of my baby shower? The one that I had a bad gut feeling might be cutting it short from the day it was scheduled? I did? Ok, good. I am going to venture to guess that when our next baby comes around, people won’t treat me like such a nag for wanting things done sooner rather than later. My next hospital bag will be packed a solid 5 weeks before the next due date, just sayin.

The first step was to paint the room. Lots of Pinterest, internet research, and discussions were had before finally settling on a pale gray/blue with a navy and white stripe. It was quite a bit of work to get that stripe done, but well worth it. It makes his room so much more fun!

After much research and debating, we settled on the Hemnes dresser from Ikea. It is seriously wonderful. It is super spacious, has a large enough top that it doubles as our changing table, and the drawers roll in and out so smooth. I am so glad this was the dresser we went with, I would 100% recommend it.

Our crib is a basic crib from Target, the Delta series crib. Combined with the baby sale and coupons, I’m pretty sure we got this baby for right around $100. And we have had no complaints or issues. It also converts to a day bed and finally a full bed. Speaking of which, I should probably get on top of ordering a conversion kit if that’s the route we decide to go.

I found the drapes on amazon after much searching, and am super happy with them. They are ‘blackout’ drapes, which are coming in extra handy now that the sun doesn’t set until well after baby’s bedtime. The colors match just perfectly with the ‘nautical’ theme.

Please excuse the terrible lighting. I could not get a good shot of the window! The drapes are navy on top and a deep red on the bottom.

The chalkboard I made myself. It consists of an old picture frame from Goodwill, a chalkboard slab from Home Depot, and white Annie Sloan chalk paint. I love love love my chalkboard. I regularly debate where else I can put a chalkboard in my house, I am totally itching to make another one.

His crib quilt and skirt are from Pottery Barn. I seriously struggled finding bedding that wasn’t overly cartoony, and matched what I was going for. This was clearanced out online and I literally got the last one, so unfortunately it is long gone. The bumpers are breathable mesh. I know that bumpers are super debatable and some consider them dangerous, and after quite a bit of going back and forth I did settle on these, because even if baby pushes his face up against them, they let air through. And, now that he is super mobile and rolls around, these really are helpful in keeping him from sticking his limbs through spaces and out of the crib.

My decor was found all over the place, ranging from Home Goods, to hand me downs, to Amazon..usually Amazon. If there was a certain product I dreamed up that I wanted for his room, Amazon usually delivered. They seriously have everything.

For anyone looking into a nautical themed room, whether it be a nursery, kids room, guest room, or living room, stores are majorly delivering this summer. I feel like everywhere I go, nautical is the first thing I see on the shelves. Only a year late, as this time last year I had to search high and low for a navy blue anchor, and now I swear I could probably pick one up in the grocery store if I really wanted to. Sigh..I just tell myself it means I was ahead of trend!

This nursery truly is my favorite room in the house. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to, and is the perfect place for my little man to sleep through the night.

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