Our Weekend

Despite Monday rolling around way too fast (really, why does it always have to be like that?), this weekend was so nice and refreshing after our last weekend that was plagued with sickness. We went into this weekend with literally nothing on the calendar, and it was a great weekend to recoup and get ready for another week. Speaking of the new week, I have purchased a kiddie pool and highs are in the high 80’s the next few days. Did someone say baby swim time!? Seriously, not sure if I will be able to handle all of the cuteness.

On Friday, I worked a half day, and was able to sneak out of the office around 1. After picking up my little man, we ran over to the mall to get a few errands in. Dry Goods was finally open, do any of you have one of those in your area!? Super cute stuff. Unfortunately, every purchase I make lately must pass the ‘is this professional enough for work’ test, and the stuff in Dry Goods just didn’t quite make the cut. Perhaps if the day ever comes that I am happy and satisfied with my work wardrobe, I will do some major damage in that store. It was super fun to look around though, everything was really nice and would be great for getting dressed up for a girls night out.

Of course I had to grab an iced coffee, and baby enjoyed his milk at the same time. He is all about cruising in comfort and thinks he is hot stuff with his legs and bottle up.
Friday night Mike was out golfing, so baby and I watched cartoons, little man had a bath, and we lounged in front of the TV. Nothing beats a lazy Friday night in!
Friday night was a .nightmare!. We are working to not wake up with Jax, who has been up multiple times a night lately, so Friday night we let him cry a bit, and would then just go in, lay him back down, tuck him in, and give him a kiss and say goodnight. When this didn’t work, we would rub his back for a few minutes to try and get him to sleep. Basically, we were up every. single. hour. on Friday night and it was horrible. Just one of those times where you wonder how much more you can take before you just collapse in exhaustion. We survived..barely.
Saturday we were pretty lazy, needless to say. We did venture into town and had a ‘lunch date’, including baby. He was super well behaved and even got his own meal, which just kills me. But that’s what happens when I don’t have the option to order him a side of mashed potatoes or applesauce! Really though, he was digging his Mac n cheese.
Saturday night we did more relaxing and recovering from our sleepless Friday, and baby played and played until finally giving into sleep after an hour of top notch fighting. Sigh.
On Sunday I woke up to a noisy baby..at 6am! He FINALLY went straight through the night, and we were both thrilled and felt like a million bucks after finally getting to sleep like normal. Baby and I snuck out on a run bright and early before heading to church, and then of course a Target stop. Is any weekend complete without a trip (or three) to Target?

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging with his grandma and getting some chores done around the house, and sneaking outside again to soak up the beautiful weather on a walk.

Some pictures I look at and just about die. My baby looks like a little boy, and sometimes it takes everything in me to not break down and cry. I am so proud of the sweet, charming boy he is becoming. 
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are enjoying the start to summer!

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