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It is no secret that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs there is. While there are so many wonderful moments, there are also many, many challenging moments. As I watch my little guy grow, every week seems to bring new milestones, as well as new challenges. This past week MORNING has been especially trying, for a variety of reasons. I am not sure if we have some new teeth coming through, a growth spurt, or just a master manipulator who enjoys seeing his parents sleep deprived. Either way, Friday is on my radar and cannot come soon enough.
1. Crawling

I can honestly say I hope none of my children are early walkers. Jackson was super late to the crawling game, not really taking off until he was 9 months. We have had a legitimate ‘crawler’ in our midst for about 3 weeks now, and I have approximately 800 gray hairs because of this, I’m pretty sure. Nothing is off limits, a baby gate needs to be put up at all times, and bathroom time now includes a small guest sitting on the floor, enjoying this quality time with me. Sigh.

2. Standing

We had about one week of crawling before little dude decided it was time to pull himself to standing. And now he stands all of the time. Against the couch. Against the coffee table. Against the toilet. In his crib. I was just adjusting to a mobile baby, and now I have a baby who thinks he is cool and stands all the time, and also falls over at a moments notice. Case in point, as I type this someone is desperately trying to attack my computer and crawl up the couch, and toppled over. And I am once again thankful that I remember to push away the coffee table that is really soft and great for breaking a baby fall. 

3. Last night around 11pm, we woke to a crying baby, who I tried to rock back to sleep, yet the second I laid his sleeping body back in his crib his little eyes popped open and he was having none of it. I finally decided it was time to just let him cry it out, so I came back to bed and turned off the monitor volume in hopes that he would just soothe himself to sleep. Mike woke up to go to the bathroom, and came in with reports that Jax was standing in his crib crying and having a meltdown. This was the first time we found him standing in there, so now we get the added joy of worrying he will become overcome with rage that we won’t play with him at 2am and he will accidentally topple over.

4. We gave in and he ended up in our bed. Usually this does the trick and he sleeps like a baby, but the entire night was met with baby whimpers and cries for no apparent reason. This resulting in zero sleep for everyone else in the house.

5. After an entire night of no sleep, someone was up at 4am with daddy and ready for the day. Which meant a cup of coffee and watching Barney at 4:30am for me. I mean why not.

6. Upon being forced out of bed at 4:30am, I went to change a dirty diaper and noticed his pajama bottoms were wet. Yes, he soaked through a diaper, which in almost 10 months has never happened. We have had blowouts galore, but never a soaked diaper. Maybe that is why he was up all night. Hmm, I’ll have to make note and add this to my extensive ‘why my baby might be crying list’.

7. I returned to my bed hoping now that he was fresh and clean he might fall back asleep. He didn’t. I did, however, notice that his diaper had soaked through to our sheets on our bed. So I now have sheets in the dryer.

8. We have two house showings tonight. So maybe that 4am wakeup call was a good idea, because I had to strip our bed and have time to get things made up for tonight.

9. After switching the sheets from the laundry to the dryer, I came upstairs for find baby with our nightlight/air freshener (which is only in the hallway for the sake of our showings tonight) in hand.

I was downstairs for approximately 78 seconds.

10. I just heard a rumble, and looked across the room and know exactly what my child is doing. With that, I think now is a good time to sign off, and happily drop my perfect angel off with grandma and head to work for the day. Eight hours away should be just enough time to forget the terror and stink and fall victim to the cute all over again đŸ™‚

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