Our First Trip!

This weekend we ventured up to the lake for our very first ‘overnight’ with the little guy. We hit up Big Pine Lake in Perham with my in-laws, for what is already my 6th year of camping (is time really going that fast!? it seems like just yesterday I was being forced to hold my prize slimy northern fish for the first time!) Reeling myself back from getting nostalgic, I’ll come back to the here and now, which includes a husband and a baby. Needless to say, a family camping trip has become much different than back in the day when we threw a bag in the trunk and were off. For the first time, we had to plan, and not just plan, but plan around a little Mr’s schedule.

On Friday, Mike had the day off of work, and unfortunately I just couldn’t get out of work myself. So, he headed up to the lake bright and early Friday, and I dropped the little guy off with my mom and went to my last day of work. Because yes, I start my new job today. Back on subject again..once I got off work, I picked up my best little buddy and we headed up to pack up a few final things, and were picked up by my sister in law and nephew. We got the boys packed up, and after a necessary stop for an iced coffee, we were off!

How cute are these boys!? 
About halfway to the lake I already realized my first screw up of the weekend; I forgot the pack n’ play! I got over this quickly enough, as the babe loves to cry and manipulate his way into our bed, anyway. 

Turned around to see a half asleep Logan holding my sleeping Jackson’s hand. Heart melting.
By the time we got to the lake, everyone had already eaten, but they threw some dinner on the grill for us and we were thrilled. Our family friends that we camp with work for a food supply company, so they always have the BEST food. I am on a mission to get me some of the burgers they made, they were soo good.
After a few hours at the campsite, baby was getting restless so we decided it was time to head to the SUPER 8 for bed. Yes, we stayed at a Super 8. No, it wasn’t that bad. Why, you ask? Well, between grandparents, an aunt, a nephew, an uncle, his girlfriend, and two dogs, a camper only has so much room. And with a baby who still likes to surprise us with his sleep schedule, we didn’t mind running down the road to the motel. And you know what? It had cable, air conditioning, and we may have indulged in McChickens and shakes from Mcdonalds before bed. Living large on vacation, y’all!
After a night of cuddling my precious  babe in a suprisingly clean motel, we were back to the campsite by 7am, and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of hashbrowns and eggs. Ok, I enjoyed hashbrowns, and Jax stole 90% of my eggs. He is growing, so I guess I can share. Lots of fishing was happening in the boat, so with little man’s nap schedule we just didn’t manage to get him out onto the lake. But hey, it’s the beginning of summer, I’ll make sure we get some use out of his new life jacket before it’s over! We did, however, get in some gorgeous walks, swinging by the lake, and piggyback rides.

We ended up packing up to come home Saturday right as Jackson was acting like he needed a nap. People, we managed two 2-hour car trips in two days with a baby who slept the entire way both times. I was giving myself high fives over this accomplishment! We made it home in time on Saturday to enjoy pizza and a few episodes of the office, and two more days of a long weekend to run errands, do housework, and relax before kicking off my new job. 
It was short, sweet, and far from eventful, but a great first trip with our little guy. We managed to escape with zero meltdowns, lots of exploring and trying to eat grass, and only a few bug bites. I’ll label this one a win đŸ™‚

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