Friday Favorites!

Ahh, it is FINALLY Friday and Memorial weekend! I am trying my best to maintain my crabby side about having to come in to work for one hour of obligations this afternoon while my husband has already made his way up to the lake, but the day will go quickly, I’m sure. I am pretty excited for the weekend coming up, so let’s hop to it!

New Hair

I took the plunge after years of long, long hair, and my hair is literally the shortest it has ever been. But I am loving it, save for the occasionally not recognizing myself in the mirror because what I am seeing can’t possibly be my hair. I should also mention that a little boy who loves pulling and running his fingers through hair has been having a much harder time getting a hold of my new ‘do, win-win. And short hair looks cuter in a ponytail. And when I run I don’t need to try and master an impossible bun to keep said hair out of my face. Short hair isn’t so bad.

First Trip

Tonight will be the first time we are staying away from home with Jackson (aside from the random blizzard that left me and baby stranded at my parents for a night last fall). We weren’t exactly sure how to proceed with our annual Memorial weekend trip, as I made up my mind long ago that we would not try sleeping in the camper with grandparents, siblings, and cousins with our noisy 9 month old. Also, this was an excuse for me to escape the camper, because aside from now having a baby in tow, the sleeping accommodations in that thing are NOT made for a 6 foot tall lady, no sir.

So, we made the decision to get a cheap motel room in town, no more than 5 minutes from the campsite. This will save our relatives from being kept up all night and having to adjust their behavior to a baby, and it also gives me a real bed to sleep in, so I’m happy.

I seriously cannot wait to see how my little guy enjoys all of the new experiences this weekend. You know I will be letting him try a s’more (where is my mom of the year award?!), touch a fish, and marvel at the sparkly lake. There is nothing more incredible than experiencing the beautiful things in life through a child’s eyes. Everything is new and exciting, and just so fun to watch them go through!

Liquid leggings

Ok, I just took the plunge and ordered a pair, and I realize I am out of season, but when you are 6 feet tall and find something you want in the length you need, you place the order. I love me some leggings, and am hoping these can be paired with sweaters and comfy tops come fall in a way that is flattering and a bit more stylish than your basic black leggings. I am pretty hesitant to take leaps in fashion (hello last person in the world who jumped on the skinny jean trend) so we will see how this goes!

Special K Bars
Every year I bring a pan of these babies camping. I made them Wednesday night and had to make some brownies to add to the mix last night because the Mr. can’t keep his hands off of them. Ok ok neither can I. This is my ultimate favorite recipe for these, it is super easy and the perfect balance of everything. And low cal, too 😉

Gloria Jeans K-Cups

I love my keurig. It makes me happy and brings sunshine to my cloudy days. I just love coffee, perhaps a little too much. I have tried flavor after flavor of the beloved k-cup, and truly nothing has beat the very first flavor I tried when they were a part of my Keurig Christmas present a few years back. Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee. No words. Just happy. Yum. Their k-cups are the smoothest, tastiest I have had. I also live for their Macadamia Cookie flavor, because cookie coffee? Yes please. Unfortunately Target stopped selling them in stores, but you can still find them online and at bed bath beyond!
Anyone else have exciting weekend plans ? I for one can’t wait to enjoy a Monday off, is there really anything better than going to bed on a Sunday without needing to set an alarm?

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    Mattie @ Northwest Native
    May 22, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    Before I even saw the heading 'new hair' I was going to comment that I LOVE your hair! So pretty. I've wanted liquid leggings for so long but just never did it!

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