Friday Favorites!

I had started doing Friday Favorites awhile back, but full time school got the best of me and when I wasn’t working, sustaining the life of my little human, or sleeping…I was glued to a computer doing homework. Life has been SUPER exciting lately! Now that we are into summer term, I am finally feeling like a person with time for hobbies again, so back onto the Friday Favorites!

1. Ok, I am going to start off with bragging. I don’t typically do this (which I realize is what everyone says when they brag but I mean it I swear!!) Back in March I made the decision to go from a part time to full time grad school schedule, in part due to scheduling conflicts and in part because I just want to be DONE and enjoy my family and my life. So graduation was moved up from May of 2016 to December 2015. Awesome. However, I was taking finance, which I had been warned was THE hardest class in the entire MBA program, and information systems, which has a pretty heavy workload. I was prepared, but terrified. Every Sunday, Monday, and some Saturdays were sacrificed for homework these past few months. And…I pulled off A’s in both classes! Can I get a hallelujah, amen. I did a total happy dance, because while I know you should always reach for the top, I was totally ok with walking away with B’s this semester, so long as I passed the classes. Now, I have one more ‘full time’ stint the first 8 weeks of fall semester, and it is smooth sailing. I survived the 8 week schedule from hell, and now it’s time to enjoy summer!

2. I am getting my first haircut in 7 months today! Debating going much shorter, but I tend to suffer separation anxiety whenever I hack off my hair. Of course, my definition of ‘short’ is actually pretty long for most people. My husband is convinced I should go all short ‘like the lady from house of cards, because she is tall like you and has similar bone structure, and she looks great’. While I appreciate his faith that I would look great with any hairstyle, I think I am a few decades away from getting ‘mom hair’. I might just be like old lady Rose in Titanic and have hair to the middle of my back when I’m 100. Hey, why not?

3. I am so excited to start my new job. I have one more week and a holiday weekend before I make the switch to a place I have been passionate about for, literally, years. More to come on my big switch next week 🙂

4. Our little guy is officially crawling and pulling himself to standing!! *insert sobbing and a terrified face because now my baby is running into things and bumping his head and being a big boy*. We are having so much fun watching his little booty crawl across the room, but know that soon enough he will be walking, and all bets will be off. I am saying a prayer that I don’t start popping some gray hairs in the coming months.

5. I am totally digging glitter dipped mugs and decor lately. They are so much fun, and a relatively easy DIY. I may already be planning Christmas gifts for next year, because…sparkles. I just love me some sparkles.
This weekend we get to celebrate our good friend’s birthday, and baby will be having his first sleepover with grandma and grandpa! Not sure how it will go, however I am going to try my best and enjoy not having a Sunday morning baby wakeup call! I already know on our drive home Saturday night I will be fighting the urge to just ‘go pick him up’, but we need a night out to be a couple and I know he will be spoiled and loved up on at his first sleepover! Wish us luck!
Doing Friday link-ups today!

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    May 15, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    Congrats on your GRAD classes!!! Way to go 🙂 Happy Friday you blog is so cute

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    Mackensey Stang
    May 16, 2015 at 1:16 am

    thank you! made for a nice highlight during the week 🙂

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