Making the Switch

I would like to start this post by saying that I love where I work. Really, I do. I am proud of our mission, our community involvement, and our continued growth and success. It is a place I always dreamed of being a part of when I started thinking about what I wanted to be ‘when I grow up.’

My current job came about almost as a fluke. I had accepted a position requiring a 90 minute commute, but I was using my degree and hey, it was a full time job, so I was content and happy to accept it. Not two days after starting down there, I saw the job at Centracare posted, and impulsively applied before I even realized I had hit send. No commute and a job in my field, how could I not? And, after months of applications and interviews and dead ends, I was offered this ‘dream job’. I literally started crying when they called to offer me the job, I was so overwhelmed and happy. 
Fast forward nearly three years. I adore my coworkers. No really. There is NO drama. None. It’s almost freaky how well we get along when I take the time to think about it. I have gained so much confidence in myself. I give public presentations, educate on a variety of topics, and get to be creative and innovative. I have established new programs, revamped old ones, and feel like I have left my mark. I have also become well aware of where my passions lie, what my career goals are, and where I see myself in ten years. And, as comfortable as I am and as much as I love where I work, this just isn’t the long term for me. It is time for a change.
I am beyond thrilled and excited to be joining BLEND, a community initiative of Centracare. Finally, three years later, I will be working with a focus on wellness, which has been my goal from day one. I will be a part of changes that make living healthy every day a realistic and feasible option for people. I have landed the job that is the reason I went into my field in the first place. I am blessed, and thankful, and so, so happy. I realize I am young, and patience is a virtue, but there have been times where I questioned my decisions, wondered if I was heading down the correct path, and if I would ever get where I hoped. Good things come to those who wait, and I am grateful to my family, especially my husband, who never failed to remind me of my goals and that sometimes patience is key. I cannot wait to continue doing work that I am proud of and being a part of change in Central Minnesota.
Now, moving on from the sappiness of this post written by a particularly un-sappy person, I think some shopping for new job clothing is in order!? 😉 Another post to come on my work-wear shopping !..

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