Post Baby Thoughts

Obviously you have a different understanding of your own body after carrying another human being for nine months. You are capable of doing things you never imagined, and you followed along from your bun being the size of a peppercorn to the size of a chubby, real life human. I still catch myself looking at my baby and reflecting back to a year ago, when I was so excited and amazed that he was the size of a lemon. And now? Now he has wrist rolls and screams in excitement every 5 minutes. The female body is capable of amazing things, and there are some thoughts and experiences you just will not understand until after having a baby. We try, I know I did. But I now recognize the mutual appreciation and bond I saw all of the ‘new mommies’ from high school display for each other. Now that I am an official member of the mommy club, I thought I would share my insights that, despite warning after warning, never clicked until I was forced to stop in the middle of a run for fear of tip #1 below.

1. Your bladder will never be the same. Seriously. I do not know what the little munchkins do on the inside, but sudden jumping up, turning a jog into a sprint, or laughing too hard can all create a real problem, real fast. Say goodbye to sudden movements because you are not as in control as you used to be. I am almost 8 months post baby and STILL thought I needed a bathroom break in the middle of my workout yesterday. 
2. Am I pregnant? 
There are many benefits to breastfeeding, one of which is delaying A.F. from returning. This is all great and wonderful, but I have thought to myself more than once, ‘I could be pregnant and have no idea’. I mean if morning sickness didn’t show up and I took a long time to show the baby belly like I did with Jackson, who is to say I am not walking around 5 months pregnant and totally oblivious? Which leads me to…

3. Phantom kicks.
Those babies are real. Every rumble of my stomach leaves me convinced there is a 20 week old baby bouncing along inside of me. For the record, there isn’t. But I have felt the sensation of a baby kicking many, many times, and this happens long after the real baby is evicted. It is a little unsettling, and also hits me with a wave of nostalgia that makes me long to feel actual kicks again. I have a feeling this is a vicious cycle.
4. No shame.
I remember being so worried about breastfeeding, especially once I found out I was having a boy (don’t ask me why, because now the thought of breastfeeding a girl totally weirds me out. Fear of the unknown?) I was self conscious and scared to try in the hospital, but I overcame and my baby is a champ at eating. And now? Now if you don’t want to see anything get out of the room because baby is hungry, mom is tired, and we are eating where we want, when we want. Ok I am being too confident here. My dad and brothers still get the boot when feeding time comes. But they get about a 2 second warning and then it is their own problem. A hungry baby waits for no one.

5. Bye bye booty shorts.
First off, my body bounced back pretty well after baby. I would say I am as confident as I was pre-human making in my skin, and for that I am thankful. However, while I am not wearing ‘mom shorts’ or driving a minivan, I do catch myself assessing every outfit with the question of whether or not it is mom appropriate. I don’t show my belly. I have basically said adios to american eagle and their shorts that seem to grow shorter every year. I may not dress in typical mom fashion yet, but after having a baby approximately half of my old shorts did got tossed. Because my child doesn’t deserve the embarrassment of me being that mom.

The list of life lessons, changes and realizations after becoming a mom really does go on and on. Does anyone else have any experiences or ‘ah ha!’ moments that happened after having a baby? When life gets stressful and you have been pooped on one too many times, it is great to know you are not alone!

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    March 24, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    Ahhhh…memories. Great list! It's funny, after my 2nd I went hardcore to get my body back & while I weigh less now than I did pre-babies my body is just…different. Just one of the benefits of growing a baby, right? 😉 And you can get preggo during BFing…I have a cousin that got pregnant during that time & it DID take a couple of months for her to realize. I only BF for 1st 3-4 weeks bc I had a lot of issues but got pregnant when my daughter was 12 weeks old. 12 weeks! Anyway, enough horror stories…actually, not horror. I love my little Irish twins. 🙂

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    Mackensey Stang
    March 24, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    Wow so how far apart are they technically!? I can't imagine. I was relieved when I at least hit the point where I knew my kids would be a full year apart 😉 now Ill be happy if we can space it to 18 months, after that my freak out level will go down! Pregnancy tests are nice to have when you still aren't getting the monthly confirmation. We will be BFing for 4-5 more months so soon enough things should be back to normal!

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    March 27, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    They are 11 months apart. B turns 4 in April & for one month I'll have two 4yos. It's certainly closer than we ever imagined but it's turned into such a blessing. But, yeah, finding out I was preggo while having a 12 week old at home involved some (a lot) tears. I blame hormones. 🙂

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