Finding Our Voice

Anyone who has raised a child will likely agree with me; every sound your newborn baby makes is music to your ears. The coos, the snores, how they breathe. Every sound is so sweet, and so innocent.

Jackson was about 3 months old when we got our first real giggle. He had mastered the sweet coos and babbles, but I will never forget when our little family was sitting on the couch and Mike made fart noises (typical boys) and Jackson let out the biggest belly laugh. Mike and I looked at each other, amazed at what had just happened, and I whipped out the video on my phone and captured a stream of giggles. I still watch it almost every day. Those giggles were music to our ears, another huge step in our baby developing his personality.

Now, we get many giggles, many times a day. The innocent coos are no longer a part of our little mans vocabulary, as he is now so aware of his voice that he is busy making any noise he can manage. Blowing spit bubbles, screeching, and indecipherable baby language have replaced the coos, and while I already miss those sweet noises, oh how I love the new ones.
This last week, Jackson discovered a new ability that he possesses: screaming. When daddy comes in for tickles or growls, a screaming, squealing, giggle fit immediately follows. When mama makes silly faces during dinner, he is so overcome with excitement that a shriek no doubt escapes from his little body. 
On Friday, the little man and I grabbed lunch with my girl Ally, and the egg beaters and pancakes were too exciting and obviously warranted screams. I am not a fan of publicly loud children. I cringe when a child is acting unruly. I get annoyed when a person won’t quiet their child throwing a tantrum. But let me tell you; I held my smiling, screeching baby in Perkins and thought it was the cutest thing ever. Everyone else seemed to agree, because the elderly couple next to us and the 40 something construction worker at the next table were all holding back giggles and smiling at my sweet baby. I also gave it about 30 seconds before I offered Gerber puffs in exchange for silence. I understand cute, but I also understand the toll a screaming baby can take on a persons ears.

Most likely screeching for food

I keep wondering when the day will come when I am irritated by the noises. I’ll be honest; we were watching a show a few nights ago and Jackson would NOT stop blowing spit bubbles. It’s cheap entertainment, and I wish I was so easily amused. But annoying? Sorry baby, mama can only take so much spit being blown in my face..

A break from the screams to enjoy some tasty strawberries

I always remind myself to enjoy these moments and drink it all in, because I am all too aware that the next step in him finding his voice will be calling for mama and dada. I am so excited for that day to come, but I’m just not quite ready yet. Stay small, little guy, I’m enjoying every screech and babble that comes out of your little mouth for now.

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    March 11, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    I love reading about your moments with your lil man–it's so nice seeing you enjoy everything. You're right, the next stage will come, probably faster than you want, so keep enjoying the small things. I so miss those little coos…and could do w/o the sass. 😉

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