The Winter Blahs

Is it just me, or is there absolutely nothing inspiring about February in Minnesota. Really. I wake up every day happy because it is one day closer to the misery of this state being over. I don’t like snow. I don’t like cold. I sure as heck don’t like driveways that could pass for skating rinks when I am carrying a precious baby in for his morning drop off before work. I don’t like it at all.

Needless to say, I have been feeling particularly uninspired lately. No holidays coming up, no trips, no events. Just school, work, and being cold. And, because I actually like the people that read my blog, it doesn’t seem very nice to remind you every day that we choose to live in a place that makes us miserable. So, for that reason, my blogging has been…lacking.
I do have this guy to keep me happy and entertained though, and I am always happy to share his cuteness.
Jackson supporting the SCSU Love Your Melon crew!


Yes, life with a baby is stressful, but he makes it so much more fun. Who knew sucking on cantaloupe through a mesh teething bag would be so entertaining to watch? Or cutting our first tooth. Yes, we officially have a tooth. And a second one is not far behind. Baby boy is growing much too fast, but he is getting to be so cool. He is like a real miniature person now, and not just a fat blob that smiles on occasion (of course I loved him like that, too. I love him all the time!)

This picture was during he peak of his ‘blob’ days. So chunky, and soooo squishy!

I keep trucking through these long winter days, dreaming of going on runs in the spring, grilling out in the middle of the week, and the first time I will get to take my squishy squish swimming. I absolutely cannot wait. In the meantime, I am plotting a way to get both sides of my family to agree to move across the country. Once I finally have my plan ready to be put into action, spring will arrive and I will be reminded why I love Minnesota. Until then, I’m coming for ya California..

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    February 18, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    I agree–February is the WORST in Minnesota. But I do think in some ways suffering through this time makes spring all the sweeter–if it ever gets here. 🙂 Your lil man is so cute! I wanna pinch those lil cheeks! 🙂

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