Six Months.

All of the sudden my baby is half a year old. When did this happen? It feels like a lifetime ago we brought a brand new, precious little boy home with us. And at the same time, it feels like yesterday. I still catch myself thinking of our cozy mornings and going on walks while I was on maternity leave(can I just be on maternity leave forever? I suppose that’s what they call being a stay at home mom..) oh how I would love to join that club…

Life continues to be crazy and busy, and there is no slowing down with Jax! He is a busy little guy, and he loves to be a part of every conversation. No really. He will drop everything he is doing to eavesdrop on a conversation, and mid sentence I will look across the room to see very big dark eyes staring at me as if truly interested in every word I am saying. We have a nosy one on our hands, people.

Age: 6 months.
Height: 28 inches. 95th percentile. His tootsies are reaching the end of the 9 month jammies but I will squeeze him into those babies as long as possible!

Weight: 20 pounds. 90th percentile.

Milestones: He is rolling over non-stop. The second we put him on his back, he flips over and pulls his knees up in an adorable effort to crawl. He hasn’t yet figured out that the hands and feet work together on that one, but I don’t think it will be long. Time to baby proof!
Sleep: We officially started sleeping through the night all night, every night(except of course for last night, because he is a baby, and why not wake up at 2am?) We have even had nights where he went almost 12 hours. Mom and dad have been loving it!
Best Moment: Having conversations and playing. He has really developed a personality, and he has some favorite things that are guaranteed to make him laugh and giggle, like when his mama stops feeding him his veggies to make a grumpy face. My grumpy face must be hilarious with how he laughs at it! He also loves to suck in his breath and make a screeching noise, after which he laughs at himself because he is so amused by the sounds coming from his little body. He is getting more and more fun every single day.
Worst Moment: Like I just said, we have been sleeping through the night. However last week, for whatever reason, he was waking up not once, but twice every night. And we still can’t figure out why. He wasn’t sick, he wasn’t in pain from teething, but he did want to eat and eat and eat. Fortunately we got back on track over the weekend, let’s hope it continues because we like our sleep in this house.
Health: All has been well with our little man. We don’t have his six month checkup for another week or so, but ultimately we have a pretty healthy buddy on our hands.
Eating: Our boy loves food! We introduced really basic solids like rice cereal back at 4 months, and since then we have progressed to fruit/veggies mixed with cereal, and now our routine is oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, fruits/veggies for lunch, and another fruit and veggie for dinner. He has even given in and eaten peas this week, which are NOT his favorite. Such a good little eater. We also have tried out teething biscuits, which he loves. Nom nom nom.

Teeth: Still none! Lots of drooling, rosy cheeks, and TMI extra smelly diapers, which I have been told are all signs. Does that mean a tooth is coming this week, or not for a few months? I honestly have no idea on this one. The mysteries of our universe I guess.

So just like that, our first half a year has flown by. And our next big mark will be the first birthday (here I plug my ears, squeeze my eyes shut and say LaLaLa. Never gonna happen!) I know I say it every month, but he brings us more joy than I knew possible. I cannot wait to see what he learns and masters in the months to come!

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