Who Likes Free Money?

I had heard about Ebates time and time again, but didn’t think too much of it. Everything seems to have a catch, so eh. A few months ago, though, I finally took the plunge to sign up (which is free), and started clicking the nice little links to bring me to my favorite websites that I shop more than I care to admit. And wouldn’t you know, money magically appears in your ebates account. Seriously. I was signed up for a month and a check appeared in my mailbox. It took zero work, and I was making money from my shopping. Or getting back money to make the total cost of those diapers a little less painful, however you want to view it 😉

The beauty of Ebates is you can search for any website. Nearly every site I have shopped off of is on ebates, and quite often larger retailers (target, old navy, etc) offer double cashback. I earned nearly 10% back on my last old navy purchase. Seriously. I love it. I highly recommend if. In an era where more and more of our shopping is done online (case in point: I now order baby food and diaper wipes online, because no mama likes hauling jumbo boxes and a carseat out of the store), why wouldn’t you take advantage of a nice extra check showing up in your mailbox? Sign up, you will not be disappointed that you did! 

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    January 16, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    Oh wow, I need to look into this! I know NOTHING about ebates. You're right–getting money back for shopping WOULD take the sting out of spending money. 🙂

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