Sunday Runway

One of my all time favorite things to do is get my hair and makeup done and call it work. Seriously, love it. While I would obviously love to live in LA and do this full time, I like food a little too much, have a full time job, and too great a fear of rejection. So, to have fallen into the situation I am in is a win. Laid back, minimal commitment, and FUN.
It started over a year ago; I was literally in the midst of my wedding/honeymoon and saw a posting for an audition for a local bridal magazine. I had to submit a few pictures and fill out a form; it was too easy to resist. Wouldn’t you know I got an email saying I was in, and a few weeks after my wedding I got to model bridesmaid duds. No complaints here.

A few months later, I received another email to participate in a runway show at the local bridal show and to come audition. I sadly deleted the email as my thin waist was slowly leaving me for the sake of growing a human. I would be 18 weeks pregnant at the time of the show…probably not the ideal model. So, obviously I encouraged my younger, beautiful sister to tryout, because if I couldn’t do it I was going to live through her. So I tagged along to her audition as moral support. And, days later received an email saying they needed another girl who wore my size, and agreed to select dresses that disguised my bump if I was in. Well, I suppose…

So sissy and me ended up doing a runway show together. Was never on our to do list, but seriously to model with your sissy is the BEST. Why haven’t we done this sooner?

We got to participate in the show again this past weekend, and I was feeling fabulous as a baby boy wasn’t trying to make himself visible under my dress this time. We were up bright and early for hair and makeup, had some quick rehearsal, and did two shows.

 It is all so laid back and does not feel like work. I’m sure if it was a full time job the glamour would fade, but it is honestly a treat to get dolled up every few months and call it a ‘job’ for the day. I’ll keep doing it as long as they will have me, no doubt.

On a similar note, the wedding expo had SO many amazing vendors. I was married a year and a half ago, and the options and services available have seriously grown so much. The decorators have stepped up their game ten-fold. (Not gonna lie, it makes me a little jealous) Bakeries continue to hand out samples of their treats (my mom had a solid 5 petit fours from the Cold Spring Bakery booth). And we found a new service for ice cream bars. I am now impatiently waiting for my sister to get engaged so I can take over her wedding and plan it for her. Kidding. But not really.. 🙂

Happy Monday everyone, did anyone else do anything exciting this weekend?

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    January 12, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    I can't even imagine all the new stuff since I got married TEN years ago! I love that you get to do this. So fun–I think being a princess–I mean bride or bridesmaid–for a day would be so fun! 🙂

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