Favorites Lately.

I am on a kick with a mashup of random favorites lately. As winter kicks in full force (hello highs in the negatives) it is the little things that help me keep my sanity.

Favorite song: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

It isn’t often that I hear a song that I immediately fall in love with, but this is one of them. I first heard it on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and was hooked. It makes me want to call my husband and tell him I love him right now. Love and soul in this one. Nice work, Ed, you may have won me over with this one.

Favorite Photographer: Amanda Baloun

Ok seriously. This girl covered our wedding, took some pictures of my little man this fall, and just took some more stunning pictures of my sister (by the way, is it fair for someone to be as beautiful as my baby sister?) Amanda is so talented, so fun to work with, and so sweet. I have known her since her age was in the single digits, and I love that she is still a friend of my sister and a face that I see around. Check her stuff out, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Favorite baby jammies: Carters Terry Cloth 

Do not ask me why, but I absolutely die when I see my little man in terry cloth pajamas. They are light and breathable, and somehow make my baby even more adorable. He sadly just outgrew the grey jammies above (aka his coon but jammies, because is there anything cuter than a baby butt with a raccoon on it?)

Favorite Scent: Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel

This is a holiday scent, and majorly clearanced out right now. But it is a scent that works year round (read: no peppermint or balsam in July). I may have ordered up multiple bottles and candles to last me through the year. Get it while it’s still there!

I hope you enjoy my Friday randomness. I am ready for a weekend of baby giggles and folding piles of laundry. Cheers!

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