Five Months.

I really can’t believe it! Our little man was 5 months old on Saturday. He is changing so much, and has more personality every minute. My current favorite thing that he does is stand tall on his little chubby legs, look down at me with his little double chin, and give me the cheesiest little ham of a smile I have ever seen. In case you were wondering, yes, I love him even more than I did last month. No, I did not know this was possible. And yes, I am 150% obsessed with my little muchacho.

Age: 5 months.
Height: 27 inches. 90th percentile. Still busy being big.

Weight: 18.4 pounds. 80th percentile. His height finally surpassed his weight. Our little chunk is leaning out 😉
Milestones: we officially can’t leave this guy unattended, as he rolled off the couch! Mom was at work, and was glad she didn’t hear about this until AFTER dad picked up baby and ensured that he was smiling, giggling, and ok!
He is also sitting on his own! He topples over eventually, but we have gone a few minutes sitting alone, unsupported. He is really getting so big, so fast!
Sleep: we went through about 2 weeks of what I would consider sleep regression. He was up once a night between 1-2, and then was usually up and fussy from 4am on. About a week ago he decided to start sleeping 8-9 hours straight again. We do whatever we can to keep him awake, but he is down and out by 7:30pm lately, and wakes up between 4-5am. Can’t complain!
Best Moment: on Christmas we had dinner at my parents, and he was wiped out and napping. He was laying on the couch in the living room, the lights were dimmed, Christmas music was playing, and the tree was glowing. I got so overwhelmed with how perfect my baby is and how lucky and blessed I am. This mama may have gotten choked up just watching him sleep. I am so looking forward to the magic of holidays in the coming years with my little boy.
Worst Moment: 2 weeks of sleep regression. He also got his first fever/cold, and so the Sunday after Christmas he literally cried and cried until he passed himself out, and the second he would open his eyes from a nap they would fill with tears and he would cry again. Sick babies are no fun and break your heart.
Health: First sickness, but he recovered pretty fast and is back to his normal self. He still has quite the cough going on, but there is no slowing down this guy!
Eating: we have started with rice cereal, and adding in veggies. He likes peas, is NOT a fan of carrots, and tolerates sweet potatoes and squash. We tried our first fruit (apples), this past weekend and he had NO problem chowing down that!

Teeth: Still none. However the only thing that would soothe him while he was sick was us massaging his gums and putting on baby orajel. I am kind of shocked a tooth didn’t break through, but who knows. I am in no rush for him to start biting me while he eats, so it is all good 🙂

I really cannot believe another month has passed; next month our update will be on a 6 month old. That is half of a year. Seriously!? I handle him getting older only because he is more and more fun every day. He is the light in our lives, silly, adorable, and just perfect. Jackson for the win!

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    January 5, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    Love your documentation–this will be so nice to look back on as he grows. Sick babies are the worst–glad you survived. Glad his sleep is leveling out for you; I remember that 1st year having a few periods of regression but once we passed 4/5 months it was pretty steady. What a little (big) cutie! 😉

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