New Year: New Resolutions!

I am usually not one for resolutions. I am the grumpy person at the gym who is irritated that ‘resolutioners’ show up and take my treadmill that I am dedicated to year round. However, a little 6 pound squishy who arrived in August forced me to heavily reevaluate how I spend my time and how I prioritize. I have eaten more pizza in the past five months than I care to admit, and my house is not exactly clean. So, I am using the new year and resolutions to help myself create new habits that allow me to be the best mama I can be, while living in less filth and eating more real food.

1. Meal plan/prep on the weekends.
Right now our refrigerator is literally empty. Between caring for a baby and prepping for Christmas, our eating habits have been put on the back burner. My goal for this year is to start creating menus, buying for the week, and doing prep like browning meat or chopping veggies on Sunday, so that meal prep during the week is easy and less likely to be sacrificed in lieu of pizza or Subway.

2. Exercise.
On maternity I literally went on a walk or a run every single day. The weather was perfect, so I just put my little man in the jogging stroller and took off. I fully intent to get back into this habit come spring. However, it is currently ten degrees below zero, so this option is out. We are finally finishing and cleaning up our basement, so my goal is to do insanity again. This way, I can come home and not take away extra time from my little man, but still get in a workout. Weekends when I have more time I still hope to get to the gym to get in my runs.

3. Cleaning.
Our house is filthy. On Sunday mike was doing dishes, and the second our sick baby fell asleep I instructed him to stop immediately. Sometimes a clean house isn’t worth waking a sick baby. But, I think if Mike and I can each dedicate 15 minutes each day to doing some sort of cleaning, it will keep the mess from piling up. Of course deep cleaning days still need to happen, but eliminating the clutter and wiping things down on a regular basis should make a world of difference.

4. Go to church regularly.
Since Jackson was born, we have been to church twice. And I cringe even saying that. Unfortunately in times of being overwhelmed it is easy for us to skip service so we can sleep or relax. We have both decided church is going to return as a regular event on our calendar. I am excited about this resolution, and it is the one I am most intent on keeping.

5. Sleeping.
I resolve to sleep through the night on a regular basis in the year 2015. I really think my little man should be open to negotiation and willing to come to some sort of an agreement on this one.

Ultimately, these resolutions are my motivation to develop a GOOD routine for our family, that involves time management, good health, and happiness. I would love to hear tips from anyone who has a good routine in any of the above areas. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the key is to decide to start and make the first move!

Happy 2015 everyone, make it the best year yet!

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    January 2, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    Great resolutions–they are just good goals to keep your house in order–literally & figuratively. And I'm sure the babe will be open to negotiations–I hope so anyway! 🙂

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