2014 In Review

Every new year brings excitement at the idea of a fresh start. New goals, new dreams, and new experiences make us all eager to count down to the new year. I can honestly say, though, I am not sure if 2015 will be able to top 2014. Every month this year brought new excitement and experiences, and I am bidding farewell to 2014 knowing that it is a year I changed more, grew more, and loved more than I ever have. I am recapping highlights from each of the past twelve months, enjoy!


I enjoyed lots of morning sickness all of January, all while beginning my first semester of grad school. Pregnant, working full time, and grad school. I should have had a cape, I was practically a super hero. A super hero who took a LOT of naps.


We revealed our big news to the world on Valentines Day! Those cookies were the best. This picture makes me smile every time I see it.


I started up my night class in Maple Grove, which meant one very long drive to the Twin Cities each week. I was determined to stay on track with graduation and not being postponed due to maternity leave; this was necessary and honestly, not too bad. I got in a little shopping at Arbor Lakes, and used the Snap Fitness down there before class.

**i literally have zero pictures from the month of March. It did snow every single day, so maybe it was just a month I don’t care to remember?***

We found out baby Stang was a baby boy! I also went on a business trip to Nashville and my mama came along. It was a great weekend and I was so happy to have her there with me!

Moments before we sliced that baby open and everyone screamed bloody murder.

My brother may have scooped up nearly all of the M&M’s that fell out of that cake.

Lunch on one of my breaks. We love the Opryland Hotel!


We went up to the lake with Mike’s family for Memorial Weekend. I got in some fantastic trail runs, we ate lots of food, and got our traditional coffee drink and taffy at the cutest candy shop in Perham. And after one night we happily headed home so this pregnant lady could sleep in a real bed 🙂

26 weeks pregnant


We painted Mr. Baby Man’s room! I had so much fun designing his nautical nursery. I can also say I knew my future baby because now we rock in the rocking chair and he coos and babbles and giggles at the lifesaver and anchor on the wall. Baby boy likes my style 🙂

On a more somber note, my dad also had open heart surgery in June. I took lots of long lunch breaks that week hopping up to visit. He did so incredibly well, and I will never forget when we first went into see him after, thinking he would be intubated and out, and the tube was already out and he was waking up. He saw my mom and smiled like a school boy, and told the doctors ‘aint she a peach’.
I have always known my dad was crazy about my mom, but when his first reaction after waking up from open heart surgery was to smile at the sight of her face..every other person might as well have not been in the room. I will never, ever forget it. My parents have a beautiful relationship, and I am so thankful that I have both of them here with me.


I went up to the lake with my sister for a nice, long 4th of July weekend. We got lots of sun, went into town for the parade, and got in a little one on one time with my grandparents, which was nice!
Of note: I also decided to start my blog! I haven’t been able to blog quite as much as I would like, but it is so fun to look at posts and remember events, written while everything is still fresh and new!

My first (and last) bunp post!

Nothing too exciting, just had a baby, 4 weeks early, who happens to be perfect and the best thing to ever happen to me…

I really never knew my heart could feel like it was going to burst. This little boy is the ultimate blessing.


Went for walks. Reintroduced coffee (and the occasional hard lemonade) to my diet. Watched daytime television. Have I ever said how much I absolutely love maternity leave? I may already be counting down to the next time I get to do it!

miss these walks and sweet moments

yes, I coordinate or outfits. no shame.

I die.

look at that precious baby smile! he was soo little

Our precious boy was baptized. Dinner at my parents followed. It was a special day with both of our families, and we got to witness our perfect boy join a new family and have his sins forgiven. Pretty powerful experience.

Oh, and I went back to work. Yay.


Our little man celebrated his first real holiday. we also settled into a new routine of me and baby running errands together early in the morning. Nothing warms my heart more than cruising through target with my smiley. He LOVED checking out the Christmas lights!

this boy LOVES chatting and giggling with mama while we walk through Target. Kid loves grocery shopping. My son, for sure.


Jackson’s first Christmas. And the completion of my first semester back to school.

World’s cutest homework buddy?

We are very blessed, and I fall more in love with my new little family every single day!

I hope you all had a fantastic year and are able to reflect and remember all that has happened! I have some resolutions I am planning to share later this week, so check back 🙂

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    December 31, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    That baby announcement is one of the cutest I've ever seen, so sweet [literally]. Love the name Jackson and his nursery is sooooo precious!

    New follower, cheers to 2015!

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    December 31, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    What a year…cheers to a just as fabulous, even BETTER 2015! 🙂

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