Four Months.

I remember last winter, thinking about how I would have a chubby little dark haired baby for Christmas this year. The only wrench in my plan is that the chunkster is 4 months old instead of 3. Otherwise, all of my dark haired, chubby dreams have come true, and I love the little guy more and more with every passing second. Maybe his early arrival was planned so that he had time to master his fine motor skills and learn how to grab toys in time for Christmas!? This is the most perfect and innocent and sweet that he will ever be, so I hope Santa got the memo and is planning to spoil my baby rotten!

Age: 4 months.
Height: 26 inches. 85th percentile. So far every month he has gone higher on the charts for height. It’s not like tall genes run in the family or anything..

Weight: 17 pounds. 80th percentile. Which means I have stronger arms from throwing my baby in the air than 80% of all other mamas to 4 month old babes, right?
Milestones: he practices ‘walking’, and he loves it. We hold him upright and he puts one little chubby leg in front of the other, and thinks he is pretty cool. It is so cute! I never realized before how amazing it is to watch a baby figure out the world. We take for granted that children will learn to walk, talk, and reason. But watching it happen where one day it isn’t part of their world and the next day it is the normal is crazy!
He also loves to coo and imitate every noise we make, which usually results in mom and dad acting like complete fools.
Sleep: still getting 6-8 hour stretches most nights. Can’t complain, but not exactly doing a happy dance either. We are sooo close to making it all night (he has made it through the night twice so far). Strange to think that two months ago a 6 hour stretch warranted a major happy dance, and a 6 hour stretch now…*insert groans and complaining here*
Best Moment: his new favorite thing is getting his arms pulled out of his onesies. When the time comes to get naked and the arms get pulled through the sleeves, he chuckles like it is the funniest thing ever. Heart melted.
We also celebrated our first family holiday with him for Thanksgiving. It was fun showing him off to everyone and letting all of our relatives see how he has grown.
Worst Moment: this weekend there was a night when he woke up twice and never really went back to sleep. Funny how a ‘bad night’ now was a ‘good night’ two months ago! 🙂 
On another note, this mama has been heavily debating cutting out her shopping and eating out habits and just staying home with baby this week. Ok not really. But this week has been rough, not on baby – who loves and adores getting snuggled and loved up on by grandma- but on me, and every day I love my baby more, which makes leaving him every day that much harder.
Health: just awesome. He is a super healthy guy, to date we are illness free (knock on wood!), he keeps food down almost all of the time, and he is growing like a weed.
Eating: obviously one of his greatest talents. His doctor’s appointment is this Friday, and I’m really hoping we can start rice cereal after that!Will that be our golden ticket to finally pass the 8 hour sleep stretch and make it through the night!?…
Teeth: None. He has been extra fussy the last few days and super tired, and HOLY DROOL, so we will see how long his toothless mouth lasts..

We may not have gotten any smiles for our picture this month, but we are blessed with one happy, snuggly, giggly little man. I am so excited to see what he is doing next monthYEAR. That’s right, next month we will be into 2015. I see big changes coming for our little guy in the next few months, I hate to see my tiny baby go, but I love to watch him grow.

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    December 3, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    This is so sweet…what a cutie! Hang in there with regards to sleep–both my kids flipped around 4/5months. I love your posts–they remind so much of early motherhood. I was in such a fog back then….it's fun to reflect. 🙂

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