The Little Things

There are some things in life we take for granted. Health, family, a roof over our heads. I try to remind myself of how fortunate I am on those days when I feel like I think I should be making more money, or exercising more, or living a more exciting life. I am pretty darn blessed. However, since having a baby, one thing that I took for granted was taken away from me.
Sleeping without a bra.
Seriously. This is one of those things that was a no-brainer my entire life. Bedtime meant ditching the bra and snuggling up in a cozy shirt. As any nursing mom can likely understand, the luxury of hanging out without the restriction of a bra is truly something we take for granted. Let me tell you, since August 3rd, aka the best day of my life, I have been blissful, snuggling and talking with a precious, cooing baby. I have also gained a pair of boobs with a mind of their own, that I am pretty sure could feed an entire army of hungry babies. They go off without a moments notice, and in that first week home, even with sleeping in a sports bra, I came to find that bra pads would be my new best friend. Probably TMI, but a harsh reality that I love to warn any future mamas about. Labor and delivery is no fun, but holy BOOBS. No one warned me about the boobs. Always pack an extra outfit for baby, and always throw in an extra shirt for yourself too.

So here we are, 3.5 months later. I am finally getting by without the dreaded bra pads, and last night I took the leap and went to bed sans bra. Best night ever. I woke up to find the bed (and my shirt) dry, and I was SO comfortable. I honestly had been waiting for this day since the day I left the hospital.

It’s the little things. Never will I appreciate not wearing a piece of clothing more.

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