Welcome Winter!

So I had heard it was supposed to ‘snow’ on Monday, but I never take the weather forecasts too seriously around here. I don’t know how many times we have been promised a winter storm only to end up with a dusting. BUT, the weatherman was not wrong this time. I woke up to go to work at 4:50, and the white stuff was already falling. There wasn’t much, but enough to slow down my morning commute.
I work in an internal office space, so to get an outside view requires taking a long walk across the hospital. I work through tornadoes, monsoons, blizzards, and hail storms, completely oblivious. So on Monday when Mike calls me to say ‘the roads are terrible, you should really consider leaving early’, I merely debated. I received a similar text message from my mom within minutes, and decided as it was my first snow storm, in a new vehicle, with very new VERY precious cargo, I would leave work at noon.
And off I went. I must say, the SUV rides much nicer in snow than my little old Mazda 3. Still, the drive to pick up my little guy took twice as long as normal. I got to the turn to my parents and as I got farther out of town, the less I could see. Blowing snow and wind=whiteout. I called Mike and said I was just staying at my parents, I wasn’t going to try and make the drive. I then called my mom to tell her to take Jackson out of his car seat because we weren’t going anywhere. Obviously Jackson agreed, because I could hear the poor kid screaming bloody murder in the background, and that kid LOVES his seat and going on rides 99% of the time. Mom told me to park on the street. I obliged for 2 seconds, just long enough to pass the driveway before I realized: you don’t park on the street in a snow emergency unless you want to get destroyed by a plow and/or towed. So I of course tried to make a loop to get back to the driveway. This does not work on a downhill cul-de-sac. No, it does not. Fortunately, neighbors have snowplows.

My brother joined the shoveling party, as did the adorable neighbor boy.

After plowing a glorious path for me and shoveling out my car, I was pushed, gunned it, and made it up the driveway.


I felt less embarrassed after our neighbor Dave got stuck across the street, along with the UPS guy.

You win, winter. Welcome back.

After my mom had a chat with my husband, I was told he had instructed her to ‘lock the doors and not let me leave’. So our night consisted of me getting a much needed nap, watching painfully cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies (it may not be Thanksgiving yet, but a foot of snow justifies jump starting the holidays, no?), and eating a family dinner of chicken and potatoes.

nom nom nom.

Mr. Jax, getting in some puppy snuggles.

Jackson loved ‘sitting at the table’ with us. He has also started smacking his lips at the sight of food. Soon my Bebe, soon.

We went to bed in my old room, and as I didn’t feel like battling to get him to sleep in a foreign pack n play in a foreign place, little guy got to snuggle with mama for the night. Darn it 😉

Hope you all enjoyed the first blizzard. I wasn’t prepared for it, but enjoyed a spontaneous sleepover in my old room. I even made it home yesterday to a rearranged/clean house. Ten points for the hubby. Happy almost holidays!

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