Friday Favorites

I blinked, and here we are at the end of my first week back to work. They don’t lie when they say 12 weeks will fly by. I hate leaving my little man, but I am really lucky to work with people that I am happy to see every day, it makes it much easier! For the first time since August, I am truly appreciating the arrival of Friday, and to celebrate I have my favorite things this week put together.
 1. Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles.

I am obsessed. They smell so good (the entire store is basically a pumpkin right now), and while they aren’t ‘cheap’, the 2 for 22 deal makes them pretty affordable. (rule #1 of life: neva pay full price) And they last a LONG time. I am halfway through a candle right now that I have been burning morning and night for two weeks. They also melt flat and evenly, so you use every last bit of the candle wax. I may be loading up on the Christmas scents soon..

 2. Blanket Scarves.

Ok, I ordered this, and have to admit I was SO confused as to how to wear it when I received it. It seemed huge and bulky to me, and I could not figure out how to put it on without feeling like I was choking myself out. THANK YOU, Youtube. Good tutorial here, too.I finally figured it out, and this thing is SO warm and cozy. It is also literally as big as a blanket, which my little man appreciates for a good cuddle when I forget to bring his blanket to his doctor appointments. I can honestly say I have already used my blanket scarf as an actual blanket. Mamas are innovative, we work with what we have!

3. Baby boy Christmas clothes. While I would love to dress a little lady some day, dressing a little boy is more fun than I expected. You have to look a little bit harder, but nothing is cuter than a 2 month old human being dressed like a 60 year old man 😉 I am loving just about everything at Carter’s right now. I mean EVERYTHING. Flannel lined corduroys..I die.

4. I found this skirt through Hello Gorgeous! And ordered it immediately. I am always looking for cute work clothes, and anyone who knows of my obsessions with gold (aka my entire wedding, from my ring to the obnoxious gold rhinestones on our candy bar boxes) and sparkle, knows this is right up my alley. AND less than $20. STEAL OF A DEAL.

5. Because it’s Halloween..the ultimate classic. If you don’t already own this movie, we can’t be friends.

Happy Friday everyone, have a fantastic Halloween!

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