Friday Favorites!

Especially as my maternity leave winds down (cue sad music here) I have had plenty of time to enjoy clothes, recipes, and hobbies that I typically don’t have time for when I work. Nothing beats wearing jeans on a Tuesday over the typical business casual attire. Only one Tuesday left *sigh* I just keep telling myself how blessed I am to be able to enjoy a full 12 week maternity leave. If work gets too rough I suppose I just need to find a reason to take ANOTHER maternity leave, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Without further ado, I have decided to put together my most recent favorite things/wants, as I love everything fall I will likely have a new list of Friday Favorites every week in the near future!

1. Black and brown boots. Riding boots are the greatest in the fall, and I LOVE how brown and black being worn together is such a trend right now.

Oh Michael Kors. Constantly creating things I love and cannot afford.

These are currently on sale at Macys, and Target has an affordable option as well!

2. Buffalo shirts. Flannel in general.

Flannel and boots. Love it. Sometimes I look at what we are wearing and realize it is basically the stuff we used to make fun of as kids. 90’s grunge, but without the grunge. I can dig it; if bell bottoms were allowed to make a comeback, flannel can, too. And it’s warm, you can’t go wrong.
Great versions available here and here. LOVE me some Gap and Old Navy. They also make almost everything in a tall version. Fellow 6-foot ladies, holla! And did I mention, extra 25% off of everything today!
3. Sparkly pumpkins. I already posted a tutorial here, but I just blinged out another pumpkin and am obsessed. My front entry is looking fantastic, slowly but surely I am adding some seasonal touches around the home.

If anyone is looking for a sparkly pumpkin, let me know. I may be obsessed with this new project, and I can only have so many pumpkins covered in glitter around my house. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. ‘Mashed banana’ recipes. Here. And here. I love that they can be used to make ‘healthy’ alternatives, and as of late I never manage to eat them before they get ripe, resulting in lots and lots of chocolate banana muffins. The recipe says 100 calories, so I may be guilty of eating 2 at a time, at 2am after Jackson wakes me up. He gets a midnight snack, I should too, right?
5. Colored skinny jeans. So much fun, especially in seasonal colors. After the pastels of spring and brights of summer, it’s time to say hello to burnt colors, browns, yellows, and deep reds. Love this version here.

Corduroy, another trend I mocked as a child. Maybe I should make a list of all the fashion trends I have laughed at that ended up in my closet.
6. Baby smiles. You know I just had to throw one of these in ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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