Weekend Roundup

This weekend was a great one! I am blessed to be enjoying one longggg 12 week weekend, but it is always great to have Mike home for the weekend. Watching him and my little guy turn into best buddies melts my heart, and every day that Jackson gets more interactive and develops his personality it gets more fun.
On Friday I ran into town to grab lunch with my mom and sister, and made my way home to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather on a walk with my family. We live only one mile from a beautiful park. We took our engagement pictures there, it is on an old farm with all of the old buildings still in tact, we often see people snapping images when we go on our walks. Bend in the River Regional Park, Check it out! Our little man LOVES being outside. Some of his favorite activities include staring out windows and smiling at trees. When I click his carseat into the jogging stroller he is always excited. I can honestly say when we go on walks or runs he NEVER fusses. I am already sad thinking about winter, I have taken him outside almost every day since he was born, if anyone has suggestions on how to keep an infant who LOVES the outdoors entertained during the dead of winter, let me know!

Saturday we were up early (breakfast at 6am followed by playtime and giggles, Jackson’s orders!) He slept 8pm-2am, 6 whole hours! This is only the second time he has done this (the first was a fluke, obviously) so I am really hoping it continues this time! Mike was off to play football bright and early, I have never seen someone so excited about something as that man is about his Saturday morning football. While he was gone, mom and baby tried to somewhat straighten up the house, fold and put away some laundry, and  tweaks to J’s Halloween costume!
Since getting dressed up and going out to dinner on a Sunday night just doesn’t appeal to us all that much, we decided to celebrate our anniversary on Saturday instead. ONE YEAR. Wow, that went fast. We dropped baby off with Mike’s parents, and headed down to the outlet mall at Albertville. For those of you who know Mike, shopping is NOT his favorite thing, but he needed some new football cleats, so it worked. The weather could not have been more perfect, so walking outside from store to store and just looking around was really nice. We also made our way through plenty of adorable baby clothing stores. Everything in Carter’s about kills me it is so cute. I noticed prices are just as good, if not better, online, so I will be watching out for a few of my favorites that I saw! I am already dying to buy some Christmas jammie’s for little J!
After shopping, we headed to Ruby Tuesday. WHY do we not have a Ruby Tuesday (or Chili’s, for that matter) in St. Cloud!? We started with queso cheese fries (yum), both got a jalapeno pretzel burger, regular for Mike and turkey for me (yum), and finished with white chocolate cherry cheesecake (YUM). So good. Seriously, if there was a Ruby Tuesday closer to home, we might just live there. We headed straight home after, it’s crazy how much you miss your baby when you leave them. We were happy to be home by 8 o’clock for some baby cuddles. We tried out a few episodes of Orange Is The New Black..neither of us were particularly impressed. One of those shows that I don’t really get the hype about, maybe we need to give it more than a few episodes? Still waiting in season 10 of Greys Anatomy, hurry up Netflix!

Sunday was pretty laid back. We woke up and hung out with Jackson. He thinks just about everything is funny in the mornings, it’s the best. We decided to watch Neighbors, which is what I would call ‘stupid funny’. And then off on another walk we went. We are enjoying every nice afternoon we can before the cold hits. Winter is coming. Game of Thrones reference done.
The afternoon was spent watching the Vikings lose, making a cake, and finishing changes Jackson’s halloween costume! We finished off the day with Gary’s pizza (which we eat much too often but can’t resist) and watching The Walking Dead. OMG. SO. GOOD. The season premiere was fantastic, and much worth the 7 month wait. It is so crazy to think the last season premiere we watched was the day after our wedding, and our bags were packed for Mexico. I am only crying a little on the inside that a year ago at this time I was getting ready to head off on our honeymoon. I do have someone pretty cute who makes me happy to be around, though 🙂

just hanging in my halloween jammies

All in all, great weekend. One year of marriage down, and I am beyond blessed that one year later I now have two perfect men. I have the most perfect little family, and cannot wait to see what the next year brings!

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