Happy October!

I LOVE October. This is the month out of the whole year that makes me happy that I live in Minne-SNOW-ta. The leaves, the pumpkin everything, the cozy clothes, and the revival of boots!

So one day, while spending much too much time on Pinterest, I came across this project and just had to try it. I am not the craftiest person, but I saw the sparkles and couldn’t say no!
First issue, this project calls for a silhouette machine. I hasn’t heard of one, and after some googling I decided a sparkley pumpkin wasn’t worth $200+. Well, shoot. I was determined to make it happen anyway. So, this is my modified, more affordable process to achieving a glam pumpkin (note: if you have a silhouette, by all means follow the original instructions here, I’m sure it will save you some time!)

1. Buy your pumpkin! I got mine at Michaels, but since making my pumpkin I found them at Target, and that is the best price I have seen, even after using my 1/2 off coupon at Michaels. Target never fails.
Obviously the color pops on the white pumpkins, but I saw black pumpkins in the store that would be awesome too. The original thread uses gold glitter, but I saw this copper colored glitter and couldn’t say no! Again, you can get creative with this, silver glitter on a black pumpkin would be FAB.
2. Get some double sided adhesive paper. They sell it in 8×11 sheets for the silhouette machine, but I was too lazy to wait for an online order and found some smaller square sheets in the craft store.
3. Go into Microsoft Word and select a font. I made the font size as large as I could so one letter would fill a page (700-800, depending on the font). Our initial is an ‘S’, so I tried out different fonts until I finally found this one that I liked best.

4. The most tedious part starts now: I printed the letter out, and then used a good old fashioned scissors to very carefully cut it out.
5. After cutting out my letter, I taped it down onto my double sided sticky paper and traced it (time consuming, but not that difficult.)  NOTE:: the double sided sticky paper typically has one side that peels off more easily. Make sure that you trace your letter accordingly so that the side that easily peels off makes it so that you do not end up with a letter that goes on backwards. I made this mistake and had to redo this part!

6. After tracing, repeat step 5 and cut out your traced letter, carefully and slowly.

7. Once you cut out your letter, get your pumpkin! Peel off one side of the paper backing to reveal the sticky side.
8. Place the sticky side of your cut out letter on your pumpkin, pressing it into the creases and making sure it adheres in every spot touching the pumpkin.

9. Peel off the other side of the backing to reveal the other sticky side of your letter.
10. Grab your glitter, and in an area that you can contain the sparkle (unless you are okay with glittery carpets) sprinkle it so that the entire letter is completely covered. Reapply glitter as needed.

11. I repeated the above steps and added two leaves that I copied from an image online.

Here is my final product!

I absolutely love my pumpkin, I purchased a smaller one to repeat the process with, my front entryway looks fantastic, if I do say so myself.

Happy Fall!

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